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Germany To Compensate Jewish Ghetto Workers From Nazi Era

hol cover.jpgThe German government has said it would pay compensation to an approximated 50,000 Jews who were forced by the Nazis to work in ghettos but failed to qualify for pay-outs from a fund for former slave labourers.

The finance ministry will pay those who come forward $2,789 each, government spokesman Ulrich Wilhelm said. He said it was “a humanitarian gesture” aimed at people who did not receive compensation from a fund created in 2000 that paid out 4.4 billion euros to survivors of the Nazi’s brutal forced labour programmes in the past six years.

“The government wanted a quick solution that is not mired in bureaucracy,” Wilhelm said.

(Source: EJP)

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  1. The Germans want the Yidden to take a settlement so they are able to keep for themselves the bulk of the Jewish assets that they stole from them during World War II.

  2. Are they adding interest?

    Flatbush Bubby, I’ve heard rumors that the Americans also got their hands on Jewish assets during WW2. Do you know anything about that?

  3. according to the germans, my father “voluntary” joined a “munkotaba” (work camp). since it was voluntary, he’s not entitled to anything. sure — voluntary.

    and since he was in a getto (uy’hel) for less than six months, he’s also not entitled to anything.

  4. to simply jewish:

    the small amount being given is not “compensation” so there is no interest.

    the “gold train” that you are talking about, where the american army took over a train loaded with jewish gold and silverware (including tooth fillings) the nazis took from hungarian jews was the subject of a lawsuit a few years ago, a settlement was made and mostly “organizations” got the $$$. i guess you can google “gold train settelment” for details.

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