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Photos: Senator Joe Lieberman At Waterbury Yeshiva

DSCF2931.jpg(Click on photo to ENLARGE) This past Sunday, US Senator Joe Lieberman visited the Yeshiva Gedolah of Waterbury. Seen in this photo is the Rav Aaron Kaufman Shlita Rosh Yeshiva – and behind the Senator is R’ Yisroel Rabinowitz. Click HERE for additional photos. [Photo Credit: Wtbyphotos]

9 Responses

  1. People……..

    try saying something positive.
    no offense but a lot of the negativity here leads me to believe that many of us would benefit from some type of therapy.

    Thank you very much Senator Lieberman for taking the time out of your busy day to show support to an awesome organization.

  2. Maybe the Rosh Yeshiva of Waterbury could find him a chavrusa in both Connecticut and Washington D.C. so he is able to keep up with the Daf Yomi.

  3. Flatbush Bubby – I davened daily in the DC shul where the Senator came to shachris each morning – do you know for a fact that he did not sit in on the daf yomi shiur each day after shachris?

    Have you kept up with your learning?

  4. The chutzpah and cynics and azei punim we have become …
    Im eshkochech the churban europe and the Hakoras Hatov we owe The USA ….Hashem Y’rachem

  5. I should clarify my response (post 6, above) which upon reflection and re-reading is harsh – but the sentiments underlying it remain the same, and I will restate more politely. Who are we to look into the deeds or actions of anyone? How dare we all comment on someone’s koveiah ittim l’Torah or anything else? We were as careful as we should have been today in our speech? In our interactions with our friends and family? Did we create a kiddush HaShem or a chilul HaShem at work today? Were our thoughts during davening on our davening, or were thinking about mundane issues?

    Before we address the actions of public figures, let’s ask ourselves – how committed would be if we are in such situations? Did anyone on this list witness the Senator, when he was a Presidential candidate, walking to shul each Shabbos followed by a Secret Service detail? Did anyone on this list meet the Senator in shul each morning when he was in yud-beis chodesh for his mother a’h? Were those who propose to comment about where he “is in his learning” at the table when he spoke at the end of shloshim?

    Come on, folks – let’s spend half the time we waste thinking about where others are holding, and focus on ourselves.

    With that, I am unsubscribing myself to this site.

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