AUDIO: Hikind vs. Greenfield – Super Jews Square Off Over ‘Super-Jewish’ District



Last week when we interviewed NYC Councilman David Greenfield over his opposition to the so called “Super-Jewish” district he told us that he was willing to debate anyone, anywhere at anytime about how bad the “Super-Jewish” district would be for the Jews. Apparently, Assemblyman Dov Hikind decided to take Greenfield up on his offer. This motzei shabbos Councilman Greenfield appeared on the Dov Hikind Radio Show to debate the issue with Hikind who supports the district.

Listen to the debate below and tell us who you agree with!

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(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. This is why we elected Greenfield. There is no question that he is one of the smartest elected officials in politics today. His analysis was clear and convincing.

    Thanks for fighting for us R’ Duvid!

  2. Greenfield is upside-down on this issue.

    Every intelligent special-interest group seeks a guaranteed district that will always elect someone who truly represents them, without compromise.

    So, Greenfield prefers a district where 5 politicians will laugh at us and our concerns, while they buy us off with a few crumbs from their table.

  3. #2 did you even listen to the clip? Greenfield IS not saying that. His points were actually very valid and on the ball. He really cares about the community he is working for.