After months of hard work, YWN presents to our readership a newly redesigned Yeshiva World News for you to enjoy.

It’s been nearly 13 years since YWN was launched and we have been through 4 different designs (see screenshots below). Our latest design is easy to navigate, clear, easy to read and as usual – packed with the latest breaking news from around the globe.

We couldn’t have gotten this far without your support – you the readers. You hit the site hundreds of thousands of times a day, and have come to rely on YWN over the years as we continue to break story after story of interest to our readership.

Our new site has a beautiful photo album section, which has an archive of close to 3 million images loaded since we started. The site also has a video section which has lots of wonderful material published daily; a free classifieds section and the very popular YWN Coffee Room. The Coffee Room has close to ONE MILLION comments with around 30 THOUSAND threads / conversations ongoing.

Our readers should understand that the site will continue to be updated with additional features in the next few days, and we appreciate and encourage your feedback and input. Please use the CONTACT link at the top of the homepage and let us know how we can improve the site.

This would have never happened without the entire staff at the YWN Baltimore office led by Chaim, Sholom, Aviva and Hadassah, the NYC office by Yekusiel and staff, the YWN Israel Desk led by Yechiel Spira and most of all the incredibly talented people at Duvys Media.

— YWN Editor.


  1. One thing that I like better is right here leaving a comment is faster and easier… In the past I needed to write in notepad and paste it here..

    Overall however I don’t know what my reaction is yet… the www is moving so fast… I can’t tell if this is up to date or is lagging behind… Someone please fill me what the advantages are of this change. Thanks!

  2. A while back, you stopped printing news from Misaskim. Now, you don’t say how to find Nichum Aveilim. Are either of these 2 sites available? If so, how does one find them?

  3. It was such a pleasant surprise to show up at a modern looking website today! Now I actually feel like I’m getting my news from a legitimate news website.