AMERICA FIRST! Did Trump Just Shove His Way To Front Of The Crowd? [SHOCKING VIDEO]


President Donald Trump is at the brand-new NATO headquarters in Brussels on Thursday for a summit with world leaders. It’s his first NATO summit alongside the 27 other members of the military alliance. But already, Trump seems to show them all whose boss.

Video captured by a reporter appears to show The Donald use his left hand to push his way ahead of another world leader, and to the front of the pack. That person has been identified as Duško Markovic, the prime minister of Montenegro.

Trump then nonchalantly tugs on his jacket lapels and turned to say something to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, who is at the front of the group.

(Charles Gross – YWN)


  1. oh please! there’s enough to say about trump that’s true without fabricating nonsense. here he clearly patted the man on the arm in greeting as he joined the group. not exactly shocking like the headline!

  2. Thanks for the Fakenews. It seems there was a lot more to this video clip than the 5 Seconds provided here. There was no pushing or shoving that took place at all, in fact you see the reaction by the gentleman that was allegedly pushed showing that he was just fine with it. They were probably supposed to line up and the Pres was going where he was supposed to be.

    Let’s use saychil if we can. He didn’t make millions by acting like the lamestream media is portraying him.

  3. A natural behavior for a degenerate baal gaiveh, the fellow from Montenegro didn’t react because he’s obviously a mentsch. Change the scenario to Obama and then we’d see much different comments from the supporter of the adulterer.