Spicer Won’t Say Whether Trump Has Confidence In Sessions


White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer wouldn’t say Tuesday whether President Donald Trump still has confidence in his attorney general, Jeff Sessions.

“I have not had a discussion with him about that,” Spicer told ABC’s Jonathan Karl during the White House press briefing today.

When pressed, Spicer responded: “I don’t have a comment about that. I’m answering a question. I have not had that discussion with him. If I haven’t had a discussion about a subject, I tend not to speak about it.”

This comes a day after the president wrote disparaging tweets about his own Justice Department over his travel ban, which has been blocked in the courts, and alongside reports that he has become discontented with Sessions.

Last week, when asked whether the president still had confidence in Jared Kushner, Spicer was quick to answer “absolutely.”