Major Construction Scheduled For Route 17 This Summer


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route 17.jpgAccording to a report by Mid-Hudson News, there will be some extensive work taking place on Route 17 this coming summer. 

Motorists can expect construction from Middletown west to the Sullivan County line as part of a decade-long effort to convert Route 17 to Interstate 86.

NY State Route 17 has been designated to become I-86, and  roadway adjustments have already been undertaken to help it conform to federal standards.

Some of the work scheduled for this summer includes, four bridge maintenance projects, including joint repair, new pavement, guide rails and bridge rails – all in an eight or nine mile section from Middletown to the Sullivan County line.

This may concern thousands of people who travel to the Catskills for the summer weekends, so Yeshivaworld spoke with Rabbi Bernard Freilich, special assistant to the Superintendent of the NY State Police regarding this project.

Rabbi Freilich said that although there is what to be concerned about, he is working with officials from the State, including DOT, NY State Police, and local townships to have all work stopped on Friday’s at an early hour.

“I can assure everyone, that the Governors Office, as well as officials from the NY State Police will work together with the community, and make sure that this operation runs smoothly,” Freilich said.

“They understand the concerns of the community, and will do everything possible to ease the traffic.”



  1. maybe we can ask them ( nicely 🙂
    to hold off at least till the camps are
    all up in the mountains already
    so it won’t take 3 extra hours like last year

  2. Joseph
    i happen to work fot the company that does most of the work on the thruway. Please remember:

    1- the county/ goverment states when the work is done- not the company doing the work. If you want the work done at night that is fine. but the costs are extremely higher and you will pay for it in the tolls / taxes.
    2- we are put under strict deaslines of when the work has to be done by- I am sure you hear that companies get fined for every day they have not completed the job (according to the contract), in the same manner, we make extra money when the job is completed earlier. We want to work in as prome conditions as we can.
    3- laying asphalt must be done before the weather gets too cold- once it is under 32 degrees for 3 nights in a row, you really cant lay the asphalt anymore, all you can do is a patch job and then have to rip up the road the next season again.
    4- this work is more than just “spilling asphalt on the ground and smoothing it out”. the road needs to be sloped certain ways, graded differently based on curves in the road, if sewers are needed that is additional work…
    we have engineers that do this that must pass the states guidelines.

    remember- this is all done for your safety- to keep YOU alive. most people think that the biggest reasons for car accidents are people talking on the phones- it isnt. most accidents happen because of debris in the road and unsafe roads.

  3. I do the ride every week in the summer (not missed a summer since 1982). There are other ways to get to the Catskill (Monticello etc) area that will completly by-pass this construction. I’m not happy either but with a map a some creativity it can be done with maybe an additional 10-15 miles added to the ride. I’m sure that Rabbi Freilich will get the cooperation of the states DOT with regard to friday afternoon early work stoppage. Best advise…if you can, take Fridays off…if you can’t…find the other routes they are out there!!

  4. 12786 can you share with us some alternate routes that you dont need rout 17 at all.

    Anyone else with alternate routes please be so kind and share them with the olam here that we can print it out and keep in the car.

    Thank you in advance. It will save a lot of people alot of time.

  5. Going to Monticello:

    From the Lincoln Tunnel- after exiting tunnel becomes Lincoln Tunnel Expy (495) Take 1-2 mi to Rt 3 west. Approx 10 miles to Rt 46 West (I forget mileage on 46 but it’s not much). Take to Rt 23 North. Rt 23 N for approx 50 miles. You are now in Port Jervis. Take Route 6 through town to Rt 97 West. A couple of miles to Rt 42. Take Rt 42 approx 20 miles to Monticello!! You are done. Do not speed more than 5 miles over the limit (quite often as low as 40 mph and 30 mph through towns). The cops WILL GET YOU. They are hiding all over, especially in Franklin Township.

  6. I forgot to say Rt 42 North for all those who will be afraid to try it. The truth is you can only go North over there. YW: can you just edit my previous comment to be Rt 42 N? I hope some people do benefit from this. Thanks.

  7. #12’S idea is good but the ride on Route 23 to Port Jervis is slow and winding but yes it will work!
    For those coming up the NYS Thruway, dont exit at #16 but continue on to #17 Newburgh exit. After exiting look for route 17K West and get on to that road. 17K runs thru several towns heading west including Coldenham (where the late fire chief was Jewish)Montgomery, etc….just stay on 17K it will to most folks suprise get you back on to route 17 west at exit 116 (the base of the Wurtsboro hill)

    to save a little time doing the above you can exit at#17 on the NYS thruway…take rt 84 west to rt 208…turn left when you reach 17K and continue on 17K to rt 17

    Continue beyond 17K on rt 208 and when you reach the town of Walden look for rt 52. Rt 52 continues on to Ellenville. From Ellenville you can continue on to rt 52 to 42 or get rt 55 towards Grahamsville.

  8. A quick follow-up to my above post….if you take route 17K…GO SLOW…I have seen speed traps before Montgomery!! That’s the best I can offer after well over 25 years of going to the “Mountains” Honk if you pass me I’m the guy with always some type of bumper sticker on my car or my two vans…usually one says “G-D BLESS AMERICA” or “DON’T BURN THE FLAG”

    Last… if anyone belongs to the AAA get the “NEW YORK AND VICINITY” 8×10 booklet it’s better than navigation devices….and always keep it in your vehicle!!

  9. Just another follow-up…. if you are going to take #12’s suggestion and use rt 23 and you don’t need to go as far as Monticello then go thru Port Jervis as noted but turn right onto rt 209 (Port Jervis Diner on opposite corner). Rt 209 goes east and after approx 18 miles you will be at exit 113 on rt 17 or if needed continue on towards the Ellenville area. Good Luck!!

  10. those going west on 80 can pick up 15 to 94 to 23 and follow the directions above — note: 80 gets slow around exit 37. 15 backs up getting close to 94 and 23 is slow.