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Crown Heights: Yeshiva Bochur Viciously Beaten In Racially Motivated Attack

ch shomrim logo.gifA Yeshiva Bochur was viciously beaten in a racially motivated attack on Friday night, CHI tells Yeshivaworld. The Bochur was walking to a friend’s house, at approximately 10:00PM, when he was accosted by 5 black teens on Carroll Street between Kingston and Brooklyn Avenues.

The group of Blacks pounced on the Bochur, throwing him over and began viciously beating him for more then five minutes – while cursing him with anti-Semitic slurs.

They eventually left him bloody and beaten on the street. 

The Bochur managed to walk to a nearby house, where he knocked on the door and Hatzalah was called along with police, they responded and treated the Bochur for bruises all over his body and a deep gash in the top of his head, caused by a rock later found at the scene covered in blood.

The Bochur was taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated for his injuries.

On Shabbos morning, detectives from the NYPD Bias Crime Unit interviewed the Bochur and are reportedly taking the case seriously.

Additionally, there was another assault on Brooklyn and Eastern Parkway where three Bochurim were beaten by 5 or 6 black teens. It is unclear if the two incidents are related.

If anyone has any information regarding either incident, please call the NYPD, or Crown Heights Shomrim at (718) 774-3333.

(Source: CrownHeights.Info)

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  1. y2r – liberal? Would you prefer Huckabee? He doesn’t like liberals either. He loves JC though, wants to find a place for him in the Constitution. Then we’ll find a place for him in our yeshiva curriculum.

    Do you remember Lyndon Johnson? He was a liberal. He did terrible things. Supported medicare and education. I think he called it the “great society”.

  2. They of course do these things in honor of their great leade Martin Looter King, king of all the mushchasim. He had a dream and we are suffering a nightmare. Shyavo haGoel v’yigaleinu b’mheirah!

  3. Yes, I know the first comment was sarcastic. I don’t like Obama either but to set the record staright (and stop believing all the e-mails you receive) Yisoidisdik, Obama is a Christian his father is/was a Muslim. But I agree to close for comfort.

    To Mohel, believe it or not civil rights is good for the Jews. People who hate blacks tend to hate Jews. No civil rights no religious freedom.

  4. The idiocy of some of these comments is underwhelming.
    I have a great idea, let’s respond to a racist attack by unleashing our own racist diatribe – that’ll fix things. How about we support the police, Shomrim and any other efforts that have been launched to apprehend these animals (instead of getting caught up in stupidity).
    Let’s leave Obama, the practicing Christian, out of it.

  5. #8, not that I like obama, but he may have muslim blood, but he considers himself a strong x-tain with proud african roots. either way, he is not getting my vote. I just hope that the republicans can get their act togethed and give us a republican and a conservative to vote for.

  6. With all this comments you will not gain nothing. INSTEAD we all have to do on a posstive bring togather the leaders in brooklyn from the yiddin & from the goyim & specail from crown heights to show some UNITY & ask them to talk to there pepole for peace with there neighbors if one time dosent help let’s do it a second time & third time till it will help

  7. To # 15: Here’s my prediction, there are those who will comment “they have moshiach already”, to which someone else will comment “he’s just being sarcastic”.

  8. My husband is a good friend with one of the members of the Crown Heights Shomrim. It seems that the 71st precinct, the local precinct that covers Crown Heights has for a long time discriminated against Yidden since Bloomberg came into office. What has happened is that this has given the local black community the green light to act and behave with more and more audacity and anti-semitism.

  9. thank you number 11 you make the most sense compared to all you commenters. why dont we all focus on whats happening? do teshuva,lets find out this bochurs name and daven for him! and why dont we realize that we are in galus and aisav sonai es yaakov and peace will never happen between us and the goyim nomatter who are president will be whether hes a christian, muslim….

  10. I was raised slightly north of Crown Heights during the 1950’s. It was bad then and worse now. There is no controling these animals except with what they understand… FORCE. Kind words of brotherhood from those well meaning but misquided individuals simply won’t work. MLK must be spinning in his grave seeing what has not happened to his own… lack of progress in society and a stop to their violent ways. Pressure at the highest level must be put on those in control in NYC to have the NYPD step up patrols in that area and the local Shomrin needs to be well supported by the community and ever vigilant! If and when found these criminals need to be made an example of…strong punishment by the law…this is no time for the bleeding hearts to win…no sob stories accepted. This is just plain wrong…not a Jewish wrong…not a white wrong or a black wrong..this violence must not ever be tolerated!

  11. #12 mdlevine
    It would be nice if there was indeed a strong and viable Republican to vote for..the choices are to say the least not great…I for one lean towards John McCain…a true American Hero! 2nd choice is Mike Huckabee…did want Rudy but don’t get that warm fuzzy feeling about him anymore.

  12. We need a president who characterizes himself as irreligious and is determined to set this country right without involving his personal beliefs.

  13. 25. Don’t exaggerate. He was born a Moslem, was raised in a not-particularly-frum Moslem home, and according to Moslem law he is now a meshumad. Which makes him a bigger target for terrrorists.

    More worrying is the church he chose to join, and whose minister he has publicly acknowledged as a major influence. It’s a “black nationalist” church, and that should be worrying. If a white politician joined a “white nationalist” church everyone would be up in arms. This should be no different.

    As for Huckabee, he is a liberal on everything that matters. If the Democrats allowed pro-lifers into their party he would be a Democrat.

    McCain’s also no big metziah, with his hair-trigger temper and his contempt for the constitution. There aren’t a lot of good choices this year. I’m supporting Thompson, but if Romney gets the nomination I could vote for him. Otherwise I probably will not vote for either major party’s candidate.

  14. I am a former black Lubavitcher Chasid who lived in Crown Heights until the racism that existed among the Chasidim got on my last nerve. As a result, I walked away from ‘H for 8 years. Thanks to ‘H I am back. Just like Yosef, y’all may throw me into a pit but I will survive!!

    ‘H is always in control. The Crown Heights Jewish Community needs to clean up their act then ‘H will fight for them. They are the Children of Israel not their neighbors. The faith of a Jew belongs to ‘H not the local Police Department or the morality of the neighbors. ‘H can turn the heart of the Police Department or the neighbors anyway He wants. Did anyone read last week’s parshah???

    I live in the “bible belt”. When I have problems, I start praying and you better believe stuff starts changing. ‘H has gotten rid of a Buddhist incense burning neighbor, a child care Director, and a teacher or two.

    By the way, has a great article (“Minority within a Minority”) that showcases how difficult White Yidden make the lives of Jews of Color. Y’all need to take a look at it.

    Oh, yeah, I really enjoy reading your comments.

    Just for the record, I am a republican.

    My heart goes out to the Bochur. He didn’t deserve what happened to him. That area of Crown Heights used to be safe.

  15. The single reason that anyone should NOT vote for any specific candidate is because he\she does not have the same priorities and\or political views as the said voter. Race and religion are too general a reason to not vote for someone. Unless one has specific evidence indicating that the specific black\female\muslim\christian candidate is anti-semitic or any other bothersome quality not ideal for a president, one should not use this as a reason not to vote for said candidate.

    In terms of Obama, he is christian, and we have certainly had pro-Israel & pro-Jew presidents who were christian. Do, however, note that in the past he did attend a muslim school, as well as having lived in the home of his activlly muslim father. He may or may not be an ideal candidate, but I would decline to comment on that, as it is a very personal decision that one must make, if one should take a candidates history into account before deciding whether to vote for him or not.

    In terms of civil rights, #10 is correct, the civil rights movement was extremely positive for the Jews. MLK, however, was just a face for the cause. He died in the best way possible for his cause; he was martyred. Do not pin the enourmous success of the civil rights movement on MLK, he wasn’t really pulling the strings.

  16. For all you people defending Osama Obama, I challenge you to tell me what he has done in his career that is positive. Has he ever run a business where he would know the first thing about budgets etc? The same thing could be said of anyone on the Donkey side of this presidential race. They have done nothing worth mentioning.

    There is nothing wrong with a “religious” president. At least they beleive in something other than big government and that the govt could do anything. The Govt should stay out of our lives as much as possible and if you get a lib president, you will get higher taxes, more govt, and of course less national security.

  17. All you posters are missing the point!

    This isn’t about Obama v Hillary. This is about MY FAMILY living in a ghetto with vicious thugs, high crime, & NO POLICE PROTECTION OR FOLLOW UP!!!

    Stop rambling on about Obama Muslim or christian, & start YELLING like we do!! Help us!!

    Go Shmira!!

  18. 31 who asked you to live in a ghetto move somewhere safe. and Mr. 30 it sounds like you’re the only one that knows any thing about polotics, you’re the only one that makes any sence.

  19. Joseph: “Whats to be ‘’proud’’ being a Ben Chom?”

    What’s to be ashamed of it? If Obama had policies I agreed with, I’d have no problem supporting him. Skin colour has nothing to do with anything. It’s all about policies and character. Fundamentally he’s a mentch; he just happens to be wrong about, well, just about everything. And he belongs to this awful church. But the “ben Chom” thing is a distraction. Many Rishonim identified “Kenaan” with Western Europe, which makes the whites “benei Chom” too (see Ovadiah, “golus Kenaan asher im Tzorfas”).

  20. Milhouse, The point was what is there to be ”proud” of. You don’t see caucasion politicians going around to ”white churches” ranting how ”proud” they are to be white.

    Forget skin color, hair color, and eye color.

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