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Carjacking And Assault Outside Baltimore Shul

A Frum man leaving Shul was carjacked on Thursday morning.

The incident happened in front of Rabbi Eichenstein Shul, in the Ranchleigh neighborhood at around 8:00AM.

Sources tell YWN that the victim was sitting in his vehicle when he was suddenly boxed in by two cars. He was then approached by multiple perpetrators who assaulted him, and took off with his car.

The victim was thankfully not seriously injured.

Baltimore Police along with Baltimore Shomrim were on the scene, and were canvassing the area in search of the vehicle(s).

The stolen vehicle is a Blue Hyundai Senata with Plate number 6CZ5735. The car was last seen headed towards Greenspring Ave.

The suspects were driving a red older car and a new silver car – exact model and make still unknown.

If you have any information that can assist in apprehending the perpetrators, please contact Baltimore Police and Shomrim immediately.

(Chaim Shapiro – YWN)

18 Responses

  1. The more I read about the crime in Baltimore, increasingly in the areas where frum people live, the happier I am that I left there years ago.

  2. We left Baltimore 1.5 years ago partly because of the high rate of crime in and around the Jewish community. Sadly, despite much efforts, it does not look to be getting better. While the Jewish community is nothing short of amazing and the benefits of living in Baltimore the highest…the high crime was a real negative. When we lived there, open robbery in broad daylight at gun point outside of shul did occur. Criminals were seen in our neighborhood approaching houses and trying door handles during the working hours. In addition, there were robberies in and around shomer shabbat families houses on the shabbat when a window or door was left open. It was not uncommon to see sketchy individuals or vehicles loitering around the neighborhood watching the goings on. I never left belongings on the seats of my car because windows were often broken and items stolen from parked cars. The criminals there are brazen and unafraid of the police presence if you can call it that. One comfort is that Shomrim does a great job there…who knows what would be without them. The city charges some of the highest taxes in the country…they really need to be held accountable for the unsafe situation in these nice communities.

  3. I think this is quite unusual for that area. It’s not in the city, it’s the county, though there’s no “wall” separating the two. I’ve been there for a Shabbos, it’s very nice, quiet and suburban.

  4. I am quite certain that CHaZa”L teach us when onesh is meted out on “eitzim v’avanim” it is considered a chesed. Richard is not altogether wrong, although a little more rachmanus may be called for.

  5. TM -“The more I read about the crime in Baltimore, increasingly in the areas where frum people live, the happier I am that I left there years ago”

    Do you think where you live now is better?!? The West Bank???
    All Inner Cities got bad when the libs got in control in the 60’s!
    I’d live in Balto. & EY, just not the West Bank.

  6. Richard stealing a parked car is one thing
    Boxing a person in, beating him and then stealing his car from him is a carjacking

  7. I’m not going to argue with the ridiculous statements from people who claim to have left Baltimore because of the allegedly crime rate. OK so my kid”s bike got stolen once. Fine. But I read about as much if not more crime in Boro Park, Flatbush and Williamsberg. What we do have in Baltimore is a relatively safe and quiet community. We have an Eruv that everyone relies on. We have Shomrim, Hatzolah and Chaverim. This incident was in Baltimore County and guess what? We caught them. I think all we need is some more Chassidim and a little “Chaptzem” action (hameivin yovin) and everyone will stay home. The problem here seems to be that Shomrim is scared to do anything interactive since the incident a few years ago. Truth is Yerushalayim is where we should all be. Baltimore is OK for America. Gut Shabbos.

  8. Richard is indeed altogether wrong.

    It’s fine to say it’s a chessed that it wasn’t worse, but it’s not fine to belittle someone else’s tzaros.

    That would be true even if it were merely a car theft, but in fact, the man was assaulted. B”H he wasn’t seriously injured, but that must be a frightening experience, and rachmanus is called for, not cynicism.

  9. The perps were caught an hour later b”H. We really need to show hakaras hatov to Baltimore shomrim and the Baltimore city police who worked together to catch them so quickly.

    Moderators Note: They were not caught.

  10. @richard…i suggest you look up the definition of carjacking(taking car from someone violently) what do u call being assaulted when someone takes your car?

    @shuali actually richard is altogether wrong in everything that he said including his attitude.

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