Important Statement From Family Of Rav Zushe Blech Z’L Regarding Establishments Under His Supervision


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The following statement was given to YWN by the family of Rabbi Zushe Blech Z”L – one of the world’s leading kashrus experts – who was Niftar this past Friday as was reported by YWN.

“Due to the unfortunate and untimely Petirah of our Father ZT’L, the food establishments and restaurants that were under his supervision (Bais Ben Zion Kashrus) are unsupervised until a carry-over plan is implemented.

The “Earth Kosher” certification, Rabbi Blechs other certifying agency remains in good standing and is being managed by Rabbi Goldman, Rabbi Blech’s Z’l partner.

We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible and will notify the public accordingly.

We look forward to continuing serving the Tzibur with the outstanding Kashrus supervision that our Father ZT’L fashioned.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for your understanding of this unforeseen tragedy.”

YWN notes that people should consult with their own Rabbonim as what each individual should do in the interim.

[Read the statement given to YWN from EarthKosher Following Sudden Passing Of Rav Zushe Blech Z’L]

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. so now gadolhadorah you understadn why i put out that ” hot dog alert” in caps under rabbi blech ztzl levayah info posted on ywn last week? maybe you need to use your thing between your ears?

  2. First of all, that “alert” was totally inappropriate in a thread focused on the niftar and not on the commercial implications for a hot dog joint of the change in leadership of his hashgacha. The notice fails to explain why the same mashgichim who provided the day to day on site hashgacha don’t continue providing the same kashruth monitoring until a new rav hamachshir is designated or under the supervision of his Earth Kosher hashgacha.

  3. Ch’v I’m not second guessing the family because it’s not easy to sit shiva especially when it’s not even a blip on the radar! HKB’H should send them a nechoma.

    It is Chaval that members of kashrus who adored Reb Zisha so much couldn’t help out with administration for a few weeks until the mishpocha could get it’s bearings back and decide what to do with it. His personal hashgocha on the restaurants could have probably gone a few weeks or even longer on the status quo, all the more so anything industrial.

  4. Important Update re: Rabbi Zushe Blech zt’l Kashrus Supervision

    Bais Benzion Kashrus is the supervisory organization established by Rabbi Zushe Blech zt’l, who was suddenly and tragically niftar last week.

    Bais Benzion Kashrus employs many expert Mashgichim (supervisors). Our reliable, certified and talented Mashgichim are “on the front lines” insuring the day-to-day stellar supervision and operations for which Bais Benzion Kashrus was renowned. Of course, our founder, Rabbi Blech zt’l was the supervising Rav Hamachshir, on-call to answer shailos/ questions that would arise.

    Rabbi Binyomin Taub, the Kashrus Coordinator of the RCBC (Rabbinical Council of Bergen County) has graciously agreed to step in and serve as the interim “Rav Hamachsir” to respond to the shailos/questions of the our day-to-day Mashgichim/supervisors. RCBC is the acronym of the Va’ad HaRabbanim – Rabbinical Council of Bergen County — the board of Orthodox Shul Rabbis in Bergen County, New Jersey.

    We thank Rabbi Taub who is helping us all during this difficult time of the tragic, untimely, sudden petirah of our sainted founder zt’l, and pray that his family should have a nechama, and he should be a maylitz yosher for his family and all of Klal Yisrael.