WATCH: Chassidish Man Boosts Stalled Vehicle On The FDR Drive


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The attached video was recorded on Friday, on the FDR Drive in Manhattan, just before the George Washington Bridge.


  1. Chesed is a satmar action, i know him he is a satmar person.
    No one else who is not satmar would stop. To proof it, no other person stopped.

  2. Chesed is a Satmar action?
    First, learn how to articulate yourself.
    2nd. For you to even remotely think that satmar “ownes” chesed is totally ludicrous.
    To say that no other jewish person stopped to help before this chusid came along is stam a motzee shem rah on everyone.

  3. Takes2-2tango
    Your english is not much better. it’s “owns” not “ownes”
    Mayerfreund: that was a ridiculous remark.
    litvishechossid: it’s clearly NOT a lubavitcher.

  4. it’s clearly NOT a lubavitcher.
    Lost in europe,
    I’m sure you meant to write
    “He’s” clearly NOT a lubavitcher.

  5. What’s the difference what kind of Chosid he is? Let’s all look at the positive and that a big Kiddush Hashem was performed by a Jew! Your comments remind us of juvenile dialogue at recess.
    Please let’s all stick to the positives and focus on performing more Kiddush Hashem going forward.

  6. It’s actually illegal to stop on the FDR to offer mechanical assistance unless you’re one of the few authorized companies.
    So to say that “nobody” but a Satmar would do it is false. This particular Ish Chesed obviously just wasn’t aware that what he did is not allowed.

  7. Well, whatever brand of chosid he is, I think it’s safe to say that the recipient of his kindness is not chassidish, cuz no kloiz drives a range rover.