Jewish Remark From Virginia GOP Committeeman Prompts Rebuke


Republican leaders in Virginia are seeking the resignation of a member of the party’s state central committee after he suggested he would not vote for a Jewish candidate.

Virginia GOP Chairman John Whitbeck said committee member Fredy Burgos should resign, and he told The Washington Post on Monday that efforts are underway to remove him if he won’t.

In a Facebook post, Burgos posted a quote from John Jay, the first chief justice of the Supreme Court, that calls on Christians “to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.” Burgos states that “having preference for Christians over non-Christians as political leaders is not bigoted.”

Burgos was supporting a candidate for a Fairfax County party post who is running against a Jewish candidate.

Burgos says his comments were misconstrued.



  1. Burgos’s remarks were indeed misconstrued. John Jay unsuccessfully proposed a prohibition on Catholics holding elected office. It’s difficult to know if Jay ever saw a Jew in his lifetime, much less interacted with them. Jay didn’t consider Catholics to be Christians, a view widely held in his time and thereafter.

  2. @shalom1600 – Voting “for your own” is not racist. It is typically voting in your own interest, which is what “democracy” (or a constitutional republic) is all about. STATING you wouldn’t (ever) or shouldn’t (ever) vote for a candidate of this race or that race may be.
    @arizona – Perhaps I am wrong, but x-tians is a term which includes Catholics, Protestants, Lutherans, LDS, the Church of England, etc. So all Catholics or x-tian, but not all x-tians are Catholic. Not sure John Jay was saying, but I believe the above is fact.