Tap into The Powerful Zechus of Limud Hatorah on Purim! Sponsor A Bachur at Lakewoods Yeshivas Chemdas Hatorah


Over 100 Bochurim of Yeshiva Chemdas Hatorah will celebrate this Leil Purim with a serious learning Seder in their Yeshiva, followed by Simchas Purim with their Rebbeim.
You can have the tremendous opportunity to share in the Zechus of their learning! Simply enter the amount of Bachurim you’d like to sponsor, and the amount per Bachur. Help ensure a win-win situation for the Yeshiva when its Bochurim spend this special night in the Koslei Bais Medrash.

Partner with Yeshiva Chemdas Hatorah, a premier Lakewood Mosad for serious Bochurim, for one of the best Purim investments you will ever make!

Click here to take part in this special opportunity!