ALERT – Conflicting Reports Regarding Kosher Status Of Beer In Tri-State Area After Pesach


In the 24 hours since the conclusion of Pesach 2018/5778, there have been conflicting reports regarding the Kashrus status of beer distributed in the tri-state area, with prominent Kashrus organizations issuing statements.

It appears that the largest beer distribution company to the tri-state area market is owned by a non-religious Jew. The question involves the sale of the Chometz before Pesach, and if it was done correctly.

Should the sale of Chometz have been incorrect, then the beer would Chometz She’avar Alav haPesach, and beer from the companies distributed by this company would be forbidden from purchase and consumption from after Pesach until late-May or June, at which point the distributor’s stock would be turned over to fresh production from after Pesach.

See the letters below, from the OK saying the beer is Kosher, and from the Star-K and CRC saying it is not.

YWN advises the community to consult their local Rav for guidance. We will provide additional information as soon as it is available.


  1. My understanding from a Prominent Rov and Bal Machshir is that whatever is in the store (I know of shoprite on ave I) can be bought after pesach. Once the store starts restocking then you have to wait.

  2. The Star K did a huge disservice and end up looking like fools. They did the same exact thing last year in Baltimore, where they knew about an “issue”, but only brought it to light after Pesach so no stores could have taken action (buy in bulk before Pesach and sell). Now, that it appears the Star K was not aware of the OK’s mechira, they look even more foolish.
    For all I know, this is a legitimate concern, and one that I will take seriously until I hear otherwise, but why wait until after Pesach to publicize this???

  3. DR; The minhag of serving beer at a Sholom Zachor came from a takanah of the Vaad Arba Aratzos שלא לבייש מי שאין לו יין So for any simchos בע”ה use basic table wine instead of beer for Lechaim and since people will drink less wine than beer, it will probably be cheaper!