After Months Of Preparations, Seret-Vishnitz Chassidim Begin Their Historic Journey On Monday


The Seret-Vishnitz Rebbe Shlita will takeoff on Monday, 24 Nissan at midnight, together with hundreds of chassidim, for a historic journey to Poland and the Ukraine with a special Shabbos planned in the city of Vizhnitsa.

The Rebbe used the Ne’eilas HaChag Tisch to address the upcoming journey, giving a bracha for wealth to all present as the Rebbe began distributing matzos as chassidim pushed to get a piece.

Plans have been in the works for months, including discussion if they should travel from Haifa to Ben-Gurion Airport by train or bus. The contingent will arrive in Sanz on Tuesday for the yahrzeit of the Bal Divrei Chaim of Sanz. On Tuesday night, the chassidim will arrive in the Ukraine by sleep train and they will visit Anapole, Berdichev and Sadigura.

The climax of the journey will be on the coming Shabbos – Parshas Tazria-Metzora, when the chassidim will remain in the town of Vizhnitsa. According to a Chadrei Chareidim report, about 700 of the Seret-Vishnitz Chassidim are expected to attend the historic Shabbos. The Rebbe will also receive an audience in the room of the Tzemach Tzadik ZT”L ZY”A.

On the grounds of the shul of the Saba Kadisha, the Baal Ahavas Yisrael, a special tent was erected, where they would daven for the first time in 70 years in the famous Vishnitz nussach.

On the occasion of the journey, a number of songs were composed to accompany the Shabbos and singing in all places during their journey.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. ” as chassidim pushed to get a piece”

    why does YWN publish loshon hora- that the viznitche hasids push and cannot wait patiently like civilized ppl for their matzos ?

  2. Although in Israel they will be laining Tazria-Metzora next Shabbos these places being in chutz laaretz will be laining Shmini. Hope someone alerted the Baal Korey