Mayor: Swastika Flag Hanging In Front Of Home ‘Pure Hatred’


The mayor of a town near Pittsburgh says a man’s decision to hang a large flag with a swastika on his front porch is nothing but “pure hatred,” yet nothing can be done about it.

The man wouldn’t talk to reporters who approached his house in West Mifflin this week to ask him why he put the flag out. He also wouldn’t identify himself.

The large red flag with a black swastika joined a Confederate flag already flying over his front lawn.

Neighbors aren’t sure what his intentions are. One plans to counter his message with rainbow and coexist flags.

Mayor Chris Kelly told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Wednesday the town has to tolerate it “because of our liberal freedoms” but says “it’s nothing but pure hatred.”

He says “we can’t regulate stupidity and hatred.”



  1. Why is it that it’s illegal in Germany but yet her in the USA it is legal to fly a flag with a swastika??

    And yet, with all our liberal freedoms”, it IS illegal to burn or otherwise destroy an American flag. Flying a swastika is tantamount to destroying an American flag.

  2. Because Germany has no freedom of speech and we do.

    No, it is NOT illegal to burn the American flag. Where on earth could you have got such a wrong and un-American idea? We have absolute freedom of opinion here; we can hold and express any opinion we like, including the opinion that America should be destroyed, or that the president should be murdered, or that slavery should be brought back. People who hear us express such opinions may express their own disgust, but the government may not punish us in any way, and it must protect us against anyone who responds to us with violence. THAT is what makes America great.