A Look At The Size Of The IAF Force That Attacked Iranian Targets In Syria


Iranian forces based in Syria targeted northern Israel with 20 rockets on Wednesday night. This was met by a very IAF retaliation, striking out at Iranian infrastructure in areas of Syria.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, twenty-eight F-15s and F-16s took part in the mission, firing 60 air-to-surface missiles. A Saudi website reports 23 people were killed including Syrian forces.

In addition, the IDF Spokesperson briefed the foreign media that “Israel updated the Russians before the large-scale attack in Russia.”

During the night, the Israeli Air Force attacked the following targets:

• Iranian intelligence sites operated by the Quds Force.

• Logistics headquarters of the Quds Force.

• A military compound and logistics complex of the Quds Force in Kiswah.

• An Iranian military camp north of Damascus.

• Weapons storage sites belonging to the Quds Force at Damascus International Airport.

• Intelligence systems and installations associated with the Quds Force.

• Observation, military posts and weapons in the buffer zone.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)