Jewish Man Meets Apologetic Man Who Mocked Chasidic Boy – Invites Him For Dinner!


Social media user Quai James, who went viral this week after sharing a video mocking a young Chasidic Jewish boy’s haircut, was in Brooklyn on Wednesday to apologize in person to the community he offended.

James had already apologized on Tuesday, in a video posted to twitter that has almost 500,000 views.

“I don’t want this to be like a race thing, I have nothing against Jewish people,” he said. “I have friends that are Jewish, my babysitter growing up was Jewish… that was in regards to the haircut only, that was my opinion on the haircut…. I have nothing against them, trust me. They have been through too much, too much – we’ve been through as much as they’ve been through, they’ve been through worse.”

On Wednesday, James posted a photo of himself posing with a Jewish man in Brooklyn. James said the man had recognized him from his previous videos. The unidentified individual immediately invited James for dinner, indicating he felt James’ apology was sincere.

In his apology video, James said the original video was just a failed attempt at humor.

“That was just me being really immature. That was one of the most immature videos I probably every recorded,” he said. “It’s making me seem like somebody I’m not – I’m not that type of person, I’m not disrespectful…. It’s my fault that I didn’t think of this while I was doing it, before I even did it – I should have been more considerate.”

James said the entire experience was a big wake-up call.

“It was a big mistake,” he said. “I allow social media to turn me into a person I’m not.”

New York City Councilman Kalman Yeger was among the people who felt James’ apology was sincere. “Mr. James, you are what we would call a mentsch,” tweeted Yeger.

Ari Fleischer, a former White House press secretary under President George W. Bush also tweeted that he accepted James’ apology.

(Nat Golden – YWN)


  1. Mr. James, thank you for taking ownership and being man enough to walk back off of a horrible mistake. Raboisai, it’s a musar haskel- Teshuva Shelaimah m’umkah d’libah is never rejected…

  2. I think this a bunch of garbage. He needs to get up in the main satmar beis medrash (or bobov or belz) and apologize for mocking them and their traditions.