Iran Warns North Korea: Trump Could Cancel Deal Before Getting Home


The spokesman for the Iranian government is warning North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that President Donald Trump could nullify any nuclear deal with North Korea.

The semi-official Fars news agency quotes Mohammad Bagher Nobakht, as saying Tuesday: “We are facing a man who revokes his signature while abroad.”

Nobakht’s remarks are the first by an Iranian official after Trump and North Korea’s Kim concluded their nuclear summit.

While flying for talks with Kim on Sunday, Trump rejected an agreement signed by the leaders of the G7 countries at their summit in Canada.

The U.S. pulled out of the landmark 2015 nuclear deal with Iran in May.



  1. Ha ha!!! They don’t know how to play the game you wanna play hardball we also know how to play hardball. If you play softball then “We play softball”. It’s that simple!!

  2. The Iranian government apparently doesn’t understand how American law works. Just because a president signs a deal that doesn’t turn it into American law. That takes Congress. As much as Obama acted like an Emperor, he was not one, and nobody is obligated to fulfill what he signed.