SHOCK VIDEO: 17-Year-Old Chicago Boy, Still Alive, Is Covered In A Sheet


A 17-year-old Chicago boy shot several times in the head was mistaken for dead and covered with a sheet until bystanders noticed him moving and told paramedics.

Chicago Fire Department officials are trying to determine how the mix-up happened after the early Monday shooting that left one dead and five wounded.

Paramedics administered CPR to the boy, who was taken to Stroger Hospital in critical condition.

Fire Commissioner Jose Santiago said investigators are trying to piece together the decision making leading to the teenager being mistaken for dead.

Police say a woman whose name hasn’t been released was pronounced dead at the scene.

They say the gunfire erupted after two cars circled a party near the University of Illinois-Chicago campus.

Police said none of the surviving shooting victims are cooperating with investigators.



  1. Ems was notified he was still alive so they began chest compressions..??!! Am I missing something here. Seems pretty contradictory to me.

  2. chayav inish livisumay- You must have accidentally watched an inappropriate video on another website. If you privately want resources for help from inappropriate addictions on the internet, I can respectfully provide them for you. The videos and images that YWN placed for this particular news event have nothing that’s untznius on them.