Queens Driver Punches, Kills Man Who Mistook Him For Uber Vehicle


A Florida man who knocked on a New York City car window because he apparently thought it was his Uber ride has died after the driver got out and punched him.

Sandor Szabo’s employer says the Boca Raton resident died on Tuesday.

Police say he fell and hit his head on a sidewalk after he was punched at around 1 a.m. Sunday in Queens.

WABC reports that the CEO of the What If Media Group, Josh Gillon, says Szabo was a “really good person” and was well-known in the digital marketing industry.

Szabo’s family says he was in New York City to attend a wedding.

Police say the suspect left the scene in a white SUV.



  1. Yaakov doe. just because the headline says queens driver, it does not mean that the headline is telling you that the driver was from queens. It just means the driver was driving in queens. You are mislead in the understanding of the title . The headline is perfectly legitimate.

  2. Of-course we all know that if someone mistook someone who turned out to be a police officer who then punches & kills this fellow, the police officer would still get away with it. So why is anyone expecting this fellow in Queens to be treated any differently?

  3. A news site article has more details on this.

    The driver who threw the punch is an assistant men’s basketball coach at Wake Forest University (North Carolina), and he’s been arrested and charged with assault..