The IAF Bombed Empty Buildings in Gaza While Rocket Fire Continues


It is reported that in the overwhelming number of sorties carried out by the Israel Air Force on the night of 28 Menachem Av, Wednesday night to Thursday, the buildings, terrorist military bases, warehouses and training facilities were empty, as Hamas soldiers were expecting the aerial assaults and left ahead of them.

Many southern community residents and leaders, who spent another night in bomb shelters and sustained significant property damage from the over 150 rockets fired into Israel, are calling on Israel to strike Hamas hard and not just empty buildings, hard enough to bring an end to the rocket fire once and for all.

Channel 2 News reports that the Hamas leadership has fled Gaza entirely, including politburo leader Ismail Haniyeh, all hiding currently in Egypt. It is reported they fled on Wednesday afternoon in expectation for Israeli retaliatory strikes.


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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)