3:15PM EST: Shots Fired Into Frum Girls School In Williamsburg


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nypd2.gifThe NYPD is on the scene at 563 Flushing Avenue – the location of the Be’er Miriam School for girls – with confirmed gun-shots fired into the school. Williamsburg Shomrim are canvassing the area along with NYPD looking for three male-blacks who fled the scene. NYPD ESU has been requested and is responding. Boruch Hashem, there are no injuries being reported at this time.


  1. Wow, pretty scary. Wonder if it was a gang-related shooting, or people deliberately targeting a school.
    And btw – “male-blacks?”

  2. ABC7: According to the Yeshiva World News, a Web site devoted to the Chasdic yeshiva community, there are unconfirmed reports that one or more shots may have gone into the school.