SHOCKING: Jeremy Corbyn Met With Mastermind of Har Nof Shul Massacre Weeks Before Attack

Jeremy Corbyn (right) with terrorist Maher al-Taher, (center) whose group killed 4 Jews in Har Nof, Jerusalem a month later.

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the UK’s Labour Party, met with the leader-in-exile of a Palestinian terror group just weeks before its members carried out a horrific attack on a Shul in Har Nof, Jerusalem in which five people were killed.

The Times of London published a picture of Corbyn standing next to Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) chief Maher al Taher at the now-infamous wreath-laying ceremony in Tunisia for the Palestinian ‘Black September’ terrorists who took part in the 1972 massacre of 11 Israelis at the Munich Olympics.

One month after the ceremony in which Mr Corbyn and Mr al-Taher stood side by side, the PFLP sent terrorists into a Jerusalem synagogue where they murdered four Rabbis and a Druze police officer. Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Goldberg, 50, Rabbi Moshe Twersky, 59, Rabbi Kalman Levine, 50, and Rabbi Aryeh Kupinsky, 40, were all hacked to death with axes by two PFLP terrorists while they were davening Shachris. The defenceless men’s corpses were found hacked and bloodied on the floor of the Shul, some of them covering their faces with their prayer shawls to avoid watching the slaughter of their friends. All of the men lived on the same street in a tight-knit community and Rabbi Goldberg was a British citizen. The PFLP terrorists also murdered Druze police officer Zidan Saif, 30, who rushed to the scene and put himself in harm’s way to stop the PFLP terrorists’ attack.

Antisemitsm UK notes Jeremy Corbyn has a long track record of honoring and associating with terrorists. No responsible politician would have been seen anywhere near the head of a bloodthirsty antisemitic terrorist organisation, but Mr Corbyn is not a responsible politician. He is an antisemite, under whose leadership the Labour Party has become institutionally antisemitic and an existential threat to British Jews.

(Nat Golden – YWN)


  1. Upon speaking with two of the first responders at this scene, just a correction:
    The faces of the victims were covered by the rescuers as a triage method, to prevent confusion and to focus efforts on victims who could be saved.
    It is revolting to report that any jew with an ounce of strength would spend his dying moments avoiding a horrible sight instead of confronting these amaleikim. What you report is precisely what hagar did when yishmael was dying of thirst, and is roundly criticized by chazal for being selfish.