WATCH: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Blows The Shofar


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted the attached video on Rosh Hashana captioned: “Shana tova and a sweet new year!”

In a comment, Zuckerberg joked: “I got a little carried away on my Teruah :)”

Zuckerberg has posted about his Jewish heritage in the past, including last year when asked for forgiveness after Yom Kippur concluded.

Zuckerburg has two daughters, Max and August, with wife Priscilla Chan.


  1. where was the non jew he married while he was showing off his Jewish skills? probably making some trief in the kitchen to celebrate Yom Kippur?

  2. Classic @GH, instead of observing everything wrong with this, uses it as a springboard for negative discussion about frum jews. You are legit a self hating jew.