Petira Of R’ Moshe Fuller Z”L


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candle66.gifWe regret to inform you of the Petira of R’ Moshe Fuller Z”L (Refael Moshe ben Miriam), (from Mexico and Baltimore, MD). Moshe devoted his life to Kiruv, touching every soul he met. He was the founder of Ohr HaNer, an outreach organization for teenagers from Central and South America, and was Mekarev thousands of people to Yiddishkeit. He was a beloved husband and a father of two young children. The Levaya will be held at 1:30PM Sunday at the Ner Yisroel Campus, Baltimore, MD. Further Hespedim will be at JFK Airport at 7:00PM EST:

Boruch Dayan HuEmmes…


  1. The Aron will be travelling to Eretz Yisroel. There will be a Levaya in JFK
    airport at 7:00 PM this evening at Cargo Area B Building 23. Shiva will be
    in 401 Yeshiva Lane (410) 602-2596.

    The lvaya in E. Yisroel will be at har hamenuchois
    Somewhere between 5:30 and 7PM Monday night The flight leaves tonight about 12

  2. I just came back from the levaya, to hear his father speak was heartbreaking!

    The maspidim were:

    The Rosh Hayeshiva – Rabbi Aharon Feldman
    The Mashgiach – Rabbi Beryl Weisbord
    The Menahel – Rabbi Sheftel Neuberger
    Rabbi Shraga Neuberger
    Rabbi Zeilberger – his shver
    Reb Hershel Filler – his father
    A brother-in-law I think.

    There will be a levaya at JFK tonight a 7pm, then the aron will be flown to Eretz Yisroel where there will be a levaya late tommorrow afternoon on Har Hamenuchos.

  3. A generation of bachurim from Central and South America are religious today because of R’ Moshe z”l, who under the guidance of R’ Herman Neuberger z”l ran the summer and winter programs at Ner Yisroel. R’ Moshe was loved by all. Yehi Zichro Boruch.

  4. He was a real tzadik.The entire Klal Yisroel will miss him. Books could be writen on him. Always with a smile! Mi yiten tmuroso!!
    Hamokom yenachem the entire family, his wife, children, brother and sister and the entire klal. any person he ever meet,was touched forever.
    Chaval al d’avdin…..

  5. He was my nephew and my hero. From and early age, he was very special person, empowered with true kindness and faith, that never left him, even in the worst of adversity. Gracious, kind and compassionate, voicing concern and wishes of complete healing for those around him til the very last moment, no matter how minor their illnesses might have seemed against his. The devotion of his wife, parents, siblings and cousins are atestimony of his existence as a true Tzadik, froma family of truly righteous Jews in a wonderful community that offered unyielding support.

  6. המומים אנו מאז הגיע אמש הבשורה המרה בדבר פטירתו של ר’ משה זצ”ל.

    זכינו להכירו בעת לימודינו המשותפים בישיבת שעלבים בשנים תשמ”א – תשמ”ג.

    ר’ משה להט באהבת ארץ ישראל, ועתה לצערינו הוא מובא למנוחתו האחרונה ברגבי אדמת ירושלים.

    ניכרה בו עדינות נפש רבה.

    יהי זכרו ברוך ויהי מליץ טוב בעד משפחתו ובעד כלל ישראל.

  7. Reb Moshe’s wife is sitting shiva on Yeshiva Lane.

    Reb Moshe’s father went with the aron to eretz yisroel, together with Rabbi Neuberger from Ner Yisroel, where Reb Moshe’s parents and siblings will be sitting shiva.

  8. Oy lonu. What a tremendous loss for klal yisrael. He had such a holy neshama. He was one of the most sincere, upright people I’ve ever known. Not only did he not have a single enemy, but everyone who knew him considered him one of their closest friends.
    I dont think there’s anyone capable of taking over all the things R’ Moshe’s been doing… and the way he’s done them.
    The zchuyos that he has are inumerable. The hundreds- if not more- of frum Spanish speaking people of our generation is all his z’chus.
    He was way too young to leave us. We still need him around. Hashem yaazor lonu.
    Hashem should send a nechama to his special wife and adorable kids.
    And I hope to become just a little bit more like R’ Moshe someday. Maybe I’ll start by working on my ahavas yisrael since he was the master of that.

  9. The Filler family has a house in Yerushalayim and thats where they’re sitting. Its in Givaat Tzerfatit directly across from the Hyatt but I dunno the exact address.

  10. The Fullers (R’ Hershel, Martha, Zaki, and Elit) are sitting shiva at MEVO HA’HITNADVUT 2, just off Rechov Lechi in Yerushalyim, near the Hyatt, thru Wednesday, then returning to the States to finish in Baltimore.

  11. R Moshe was a dear dear person, who was filled with love for his fellow Jew.. always was seen with a smile–he was extremely capable – our family will never forget the huge chesed emet he fulfilled by helping my uncle be properly buried (who died while in uruguay). a total stranger to him, but another Jewish soul to be helped.. he worked day and night to accomplish this urgent task, and he succeeded-with compassion and caring and loving kindness… as he did with so many living Jewish souls! May his dear parents, wife, siblings and children and all the family be comforted in knowing that he was well loved, and lived a life of meaning – that he personally saved many a Jew, and thus a huge part of kl’lal yisrael.HIs naem and acts of kindness and goodness will not be forgotten… from Barbie and Pitsy

  12. oh i cry tear after tear i cant stop crying

    for his wife his two children the oldest just four years old

    hashem have mercy tell us what we are doing wrong

  13. Reb Moshe’s parents are returning now to the states and will finish sitting shiva in Baltimore. Phone number there is: (410) 602-2596

  14. The loss of Moshe Filler is felt both personally and to all of klall Yisrael.
    To hear the Funerals in both Baltimore and from JFK log on to
    To see a video of Moshe see his camps web site
    And I know I am not alone in missing our friend very much.

  15. yo soy rachamim bassul muy amigo de reb moshe trabajamos juntos mucho tiempo cuando llegaba a panama city a reclutar alumnos para el camp ,los niños lo amaban porque el les mostraba como frume yehudim tambien se pueden divertir y les daba a probar el sabor de la torah muchos de esos alumnos se quedaron estudiando en baltimore y se convirtieron en talmide jajamim
    es una gran perdida para el klal israel y muy en particular para el yshuv latinoamericano .

  16. There are not enough words to describe the unique and wonderful person that Moshe was. He was truly a friend that you could count upon and who would always lent you a hand. I respected and admired him. We should emulate his humbleness, integrity and his character, which won upon many hearts and minds throughout the world. I feel very lucky to have known him. We would truly miss him.

  17. Just for the record, the name of the shver of Rav Moshe Fuller is Rabbi Binyomin Zeilingold and of the father Rav Hershl Fuller.
    I don’t think any of the brother-in-laws spoke at the lvaya in Baltimore