NJ Governor Sukkos Message To Jewish Community After Receiving Lulav And Esrog


Jewish community activists paid a visit to NJ Governor Phil Murphy on Friday morning, and gave him a set of “Arba Minim” – the four species that Jews will be using each day on the Holiday of Sukkos.

The Governor’s Office released to YWN the following message to the Jewish Community:

“The four species of the Sukkos Holiday represent unity, each plant brining to the blessing it’s own unique characteristic. The Governor and Tami convey this blessing of unity to the entire Jewish community, and are thankful to Jewish Community leaders for stopping by ahead of the holidays.”

AMong those that visited the Governor was Rabbi Avi Richler of Chabad of Gloucester County, and Rabbi Abe Friedman, NJ State Police Chaplain.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)