MALE? FEMALE? X? DeBlasio Signs Law Allowing Gender-Neutral Birth Certificates


It’s now law in New York City that residents who don’t identify as male or female can change their birth certificates to “X.”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed the bill Tuesday. It goes into effect Jan. 1.

The bill removes the requirement that residents need an affidavit from a doctor or mental health professional to change the gender on their birth certificates.

It also allows parents to choose the “X″ designation for their newborns.

New York City joins California, Oregon, Washington state and New Jersey in allowing a third gender option on birth certificates. Washington, D.C. allows gender-neutral driver licenses.

De Blasio, a Democrat, says New Yorkers should be free to tell their government who they are — and “not the other way around.”



  1. I didn’t realize the government decides into which gender people are born. I thought it was scientifically proven DNA. But I guess science only works for things they want to believe in. Silly me.

  2. Will this be confusing? Just consider how often you got confused and need to check your birth certificate to find out whch gender you belong to!

    Considering the many expensive, unwise and hurtful things the Democrats have been doing lately, this is merely a mildly amusing, inexpensive and futile gesture. Silliness is much less harmful than the usual malice we get from these sorts of politicians.

  3. Hell is awaiting such a disgusting creature who gives a green light to the abonimal behavior of other disgusting creatures.

    With medication and surgery how will we know who’s who or rather what’s what? It is nausciating.

    Where are our Rabbis and Rebbes and layleaders protesting this law?! It is just as dangerous, or likely even more dangerous, than the state trying to prevent the minhugim of metztza b’peh.

  4. So which bathroom and locker room do they ( it ) use? Do they/it get paid maternity leave? How do they/it file taxes?
    Parshas Noach this week.

  5. Same old same old.
    As long as the yeshivos get what they want, the rah-banim and a$$-kanim will tell us to vote for this liberal oisvorf mushchis!

  6. No coincidence that this is signed during the week of parashas Noach during which time they legalized these type of disgusting things to bring on the Mabul.

  7. There was a family wedding recently with mixed seating. We sorted ourselves out for the seudah, husbands and wives together, men next to men, and women seated next to women. BH, we only have two genders to deal with!

  8. But The Rebbes Welcome Blasio And Honor Blasio The Blasphemer, the Rebbes encourage Yidden to vote for this trash who don’t even keep
    7 Mitzvos BNEI NOACH!
    Zachar V’Nikayvah He created them
    Zachar V’Nikayvah. זכר ונקבה
    But Rebbes In NY have you SOLD your SOULS?

  9. Mayor Wilhelm DeBallsio the third should first figure out if he is a Moron or an Idiot.
    Yidden!! Why do you vote for such Tipshim and Toeva supporters??? Don’t pay attention to those who tell you how to vote. Do your own research and vote intelligently.

  10. why isn’t the Aguda protesting this, have they read this week’s parsha, at the minium they should put out a statement strongly condemning this, they condemned Trump for stopping illegals.

  11. +nowecant, +1

    Excatly. I honestly don’t get why the most important issues are ignored. Isn’t Hashem’s kavod AT LEAST as important as illegal immigrants? Isn’t the importance of our children growing up in a sane society AT LEAST as important as illegal immigrants?