WATCH: Westchester Synagogue Rallies Around Janitor Set To Be Deported


A synagogue and its rabbi are fighting for their long-time custodian who waits behind bars for his final appeal to avoid deportation to Mexico.

A rally was held Tuesday night in Mount Kisco to support Armando Rojas with his wife and two children.

Uprooted from the tight-knit community he has called home for 30 years, Rojas is praying for a breakthrough.


  1. The real issue here is WHY is he being deported? The article does not address the most important fact issue. If he is undocumented and committed a serious crime, then he definitely should be deported. If this is a case of simply deporting an undocumented resident who has become an integral member of the community for administrative violations, than I’m 100 percent supportive of what these yidden are doing.
    And to To Besale and Jane Doe….these are your brothers and sisters who daven in a different way than you and I. That does not make their efforts any more or less important. Your sinas chinam is degrading yourselves.

  2. If he was on a Synagogue premises:- How could the INS pick him up from a Synagogue? as surely this is a safe haven as are churches and other places of religious [in American Law even if not in our Orthodoxy] places of worship.

  3. Correction to my prior comment. I just read the article and wasn’t able to open the video which says he has no criminal record but was arrested at a restaurant “brawl” which he was subsequently found not to be involved in. This is NOT the type of individual we should be wasting resources deporting.

  4. Gadolhadoresss
    The real issue here as god fearing jews is WHY is YWN calling a conservative temple (people whp rav avigdor miller said are our enemies) a “jewish synagoue”????

  5. Everyone is missing the bigger issue. Weather you like it or not the Conservative Jews are our brothers. For whatever reason they have not yet realized their errors. Casting them away or considering them people from another religion will most certainly not speed up the arrival of Mashiach. Loving all Jews regardless is always the way to go.

  6. Correct it’s a Conservative Temple. Just by casually researching their social media pages and websites they clearly have their priorities all wrong (not that I’m surprised). They held a “candle light” vigil on Friday night (Shabbos) for this janitor, but- Any events for those injured or killed in Israel?- No! Any events/tehillim for those needing a refuah, a parnasah, a child?- No! Any chesed trips for any Jewish events, Jewish nursing homes- No! Let them sleep in the bed that they made, I’m disappointed with them.

  7. This issue is not about “Sinas Chinam” or davening differently. I’m not talking about Jews who were never given a proper Jewish upbringing and don’t know better.

    I’m talking about the religions. Reform and Conservative were invented within the last 200 years or so, by incorporating Torah violations and non-Jewish values into their daily lifestyles and then calling themselves a type of Judaism, which they are not. Judaism means following the rules of the Torah, which was given to the Jews on Mount Sinai over 3,300 years ago. The Torah is G-d’s instructions to the Jews on how to live.

    The house of worship lists itself on its web site as “an egalitarian, Conservative congregation.” If so, the title of this article should read, “WATCH: Westchester Conservative Temple Rallies Around Janitor Set To Be Deported.”

  8. Speaking of reformers.
    The biggest reformers are in your own back yard.
    Never in jewish history has there been such a divide in orthodox jewry. No need to go to a reform synogogue to see reformation.

  9. T22T:

    Exactly what do you mean about a divide in Orthodox Jewry?
    Please be specific about exactly whom and and exactly what you’re talking about.