SLEEPY? CREEPY? Trump Polls Rally-Goers on Nickname For Joe Biden [VIDEO]


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During his Elko, Nevada rally on Saturday, President Donald Trump took a moment to go after former VP Joe Biden, who was also campaigning in Nevada.

Trump noted to his crowd that Biden was in Vegas, before calling him “Sleepy Joe Biden.”

“We call him ‘1% Joe,’ because he ran at least twice, I think three times, they say twice, I think he ran three times,” the President said. “And he never had more than 1%. So we call him 1% Joe.”

And then, he continued, “Obama came along and took him off of the trash heap and made him vice president.”

“So we call him either Sleepy Joe Biden or 1%. Which is better?’ Trump asked the crowd.

A lot of people started shouting, including one woman who he heard saying, “Creepy Joe.”

“No, I would never do that,” Trump said. “I would never insult him like that.”