ELECTION VIOLENCE: Yeshiva Bochur Violently Beaten In Elad [VIDEO]


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As the date of the municipal elections in Israel get closer, the campaign has reached new levels. Tensions are running high specifically in Elad, as the Degel / Shas candidate was prevented from running. YWN published this court decision earlier on Monday.

Unfortunately, violence due to the elections has reached a sickening new level. Fistfights are rampant and reported in many cities around Israel. Many of the fights involved Yeshiva Bochrim.

On Monday afternoon  Yeshiva Bochur was punched in the face in Elead. Police are investigating the attack, but all hands point toward the suspects driving a vehicle working for the Porush campaign in Elad. The victim told police that he was attacked after he was verbal towards the attackers.

On Monday morning, YWN published a video of the Elad Deputy Mayor (Shas) Tzuriel Krisfel being attacked on Monday night by a group of youths. His vehicle was also damaged. Eight suspects were taken into custody.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Can someone just provide some sort of outlet for these boys? Take them on hikes, camping, ball, ? This violence is insanity and it’s because they need some outlet.

  2. shame that bochrim are involved in elections. their place is in bais medresh, not in the streets.

    shame on those yeshivas who allow their bochrim to get involved in dirty politics.