APPALLING: Father Dresses Up As Nazi, 5-Year-Old Son As Hitler For “Halloween Event”


A man attending a a Halloween celebration in Owensboro, Kentucky on Thursday took a costume to a new level of hate – and can’t understand why he is being attacked now.

A man by the name of Bryant Goldbach dressed himself as a Nazi solder and his 5-year-old as Adolf Hitler YM”S before going to a Halloween event Thursday evening.

Golbach then posted the photo of himself on facebook, which immediately went viral. His personal page was flooded with negative comments.

Goldbach then posted on Facebook, “That’s right. Tonight grown adults threatened a child over his costume. Threatened his mom and dad as well. Threatened to rip his outfit off of him screaming obscenities, scaring a small child. First off, its none of your business. Second, how dare you! I mean How dare you threaten a child. Me, its one thing, but my child? You are messing with fire.”

The father is getting publicly shamed as a “child abuser,” “racist,” and “coward” on Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter.

Goldbach later apologized, saying it was a poor decision on his part and that his intention was simply to “portray historical figures”.

Goldbach said he “loves history and often portrays historical figures”. Last Halloween he was a Confederate soldier and the year before that a Catholic priest.

When his son asked to match his costume this year, Goldbach said he “didn’t think it through.” History plays a big part of his family’s life, said Goldbach.

Goldbach said that he is not a racist and believes white supremacy to be “disgusting.”

“My brother is half-Iranian,” Goldbach said. “I have black friends. My last name is Jewish.”

Because Halloween costumes portray “blood, gore and villains,” Goldbach said he did not think portraying a historical villain would be any different.

“I now understand what that costume means to other people,” Goldbach said.

(Yossi Taub – YWN)


  1. I think that since this jerk loves history so much, we should demonstrate to this natzi what the gas chambers felt like from the inside!!!!!!

  2. Why this fellow can’t be charged with some child abuse or a crime like celebrating crime and criminals similar to arabs that give out candy after terror strikes, is hard to fathom! If we dressed our kids on Purim like Black Panthers, racist cop-killers or the KKK would all our haters sit by quietly? It just seems wrong!

  3. I agree with number 1. We need to stop playing victim all the time. Every time some idiot makes any nazi reference everyone goes all up in arms. Enough already

  4. You do understand that the goyim often dress up as things such as monsters, vampires, devils and all sorts of other evil things. That is how the goyim observe their yuntuf (and Halloween is a clearly religious observance) . If they are saying Hitler is similar to a vampire or the “devil” (super-evil beings in their mythology), we have nothing to complain over. It’s their avodah zarah, and while their are many criticisms we should have over this aspect of their religion, this really isn’t one of them. And has it is clearly avodeah zarah, we probably their theology on YWN.

  5. “I think that since this jerk loves history so much, we should demonstrate to this natzi what the gas chambers felt like from the inside!!!!!!” Brilliant!

  6. These people have good teachers. They look at us and see that we dress up like a shvatze,haman,achashverosh, satan,ghosts,santa claus, Yasir arafat, etc. In meah shearim they hang efigees of yidden who they disagree with. So according to them theres nothing wrong with dressing like hitler

  7. Given that we have some pathertic excuses for yidden who dress their children in holocaust l’vush and call the security forces Nazis, Y’S, I’m not all that surprised that stupidity and cultural insensitivity knows no bounds.

  8. “My brother is half-Iranian,” ” My last name is Jewish.” right, it’s a perfect shidduch! Whoo-hoo, this guy’s a hoot! for a lover of history he’s beyond ignorant. He’s scores a 3 -3, with our absolutely fave characters…Confederate (Racist) Soldiers, Catholic (child molester, Inquisitor, Crusader) Priest, and now the big yemach sh’mo guy.
    And in other news, Ultra-Orthodox Hasidim from Williamsburgh, descendants of people who can still smell the smoke rising form the crematoria, dress their children in concentration camp outfits and scream Nazi at their fellow Jews (well, “fellow,” except perhaps they are Eruv Rav). It’s a mad, mad world.

  9. Let me throw in this week’s real news, that a popular TV host has probably lost her coveted job because she said she wanted to know what was so bad about kids dressing up in black face for Halloween when she was a kid – which was not so long ago.

  10. The costume is in bad taste. That doesn’t mean that he is a bad person for making this mistake, and it doesn’t make it okay to harass him.