WATCH: Trump Says “G-d Plays a Very Big Role In My Life As President”; Rise in Anti-Semitic Incidents “Very Sad”


President Trump faced a very antagonistic media on the day after the midterm elections, offering a soft tone about his desire to work across the aisle with Nancy Pelosi and Democrats in the House. He said he understands that Pelosi loves the country and he hopes compromise can be possible.

The president began the wide-ranging press conference with a focus on the election results, but it soon devolved into brazen attacks from the media.

CNN’s Jim Acosta stood defiantly on the front row, badgering the president over and over about the immigrant caravan and the Russia election, refusing to release the microphone, during in a shocking confrontation. His press pass has since been suspended.

One of the few peaceful moments of the hour-long event came when an Orthodox Jewish reporter asked the president about G-d’s place in his administration.

“God plays a very big role in my life,” Trump said. He pointed out that God’s place is apparent in the lives of many members of his administration, including the vice president.

Asked about a rise in hate crimes across the country, Trump said “its very sad, I hate to see it” – before quickly transitioning to his accomplishments in relations with Israel and kind words he has received from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Later, more members of the media hurled loud questions at him about whether it’s his job to change the tone of politics around the country. He said it’s because of rude and unfair media attacks that he’s taken such a confrontational approach. “I’m fighting back not for me, I’m fighting back for the people of this country,” he said.

At another point, a reporter repeatedly questioned Trump about whether or not he’s a racist and whether he has ever made racist comments. Trump said he’s not. Another reporter also asked if Trump was a racist because of support from white nationalists. He turned the question against the reporter, saying it was a racist question, that he loves America and that he has delivered many jobs for African Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanic Americans.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. We respect and stand with our excellent President Trump whom G-d sent for us.
    We will vote for President Trump 2020
    G-d’ will and G-d’s help. Thank G-d.

  2. Asked about a 57 percent increase in anti-semitic incidents since his election, he invokes support from Bibi and moving the embassy buildig from Tel Aviv. Asked again more generally about growing ethnic divisions in the country, he brags about tariffs on China helping manufacturing employment. Does he even know what the words Anti-Semitism means even after the massacre of the kadoshim in Pittsburgh by a shooter whose social media postings invoke Trumps own words about immigrants etc. and links the caravan to Jewish refugee agencies??

  3. @gadolhadar we are in hard times. Hashem clearly is sending us a message with this president worse than Adolph Hitler. If only Mrs Clinton would have won we would be in so much if a better place!

    Do you ever take 3 seconds to try and be objective for once in your life? I come to these stories when i see comments there to try and understand people like you. To be fair i do respect the opinions of @CTLawyer and @amilzola they actually are objective!

  4. Gadolhadorah, Maybe he expects too much from reporters as far is IQ… He’s saying that it’s ironic to imply that he’s responsible for emboldening anti-Semitics when he’s done more for Israel, As for the second part you, typically, omit the key point that he said that economic success can make it easier to come together.

    What exactly did he say so bad about the caravan??? let’s hear – that there’s probably some criminals among them?? Just because some nut will take your words the total opposite of what you’re really saying, doesn’t make you responsible. GROW UP! People can take words of the Torah and use them for racism as well. We all know that..

  5. There is no “57 percent increase in anti-semitic incidents since his election”. It is an ADL lie. The ADL has been taken over by a hard-line Democrat activist, and is now being run as an arm of the Democratic Party. The report includes hundreds of incidents that were not antisemitic at all, such as the JCC bomb threats in early 2017, as well as incidents that were committed by leftists and other Trump-haters, for which he can hardly be blamed.

    But even this fake ADL report admits that the only hard measurable statistic — physical attacks — went down, not up over the period it covers! Did you hear that? Is anyone reporting it? The Democrat-controlled ADL reports that since Trump was elected physical attacks on Jews for being Jews have declined. Why is Trump not getting credit for that?

  6. Whitecar, Gadolhador is never objective, I agree with you on that point. I’ve respectfully heard occasional valid points from various other politically liberal people here, who actually respond and answer questions (and don’t start comparing the situation in Mexico to the Jews in Auschwitz). I think the first step is to LISTEN, which we aren’t seeing from her. I am no fan of Obama, but I’ve given credit when due. I don’t think we’ll ever see GadolHador present a balanced approach or thought- and to be honest I sometimes wonder if she is a self hating Jew or a pro Palestinian because of her lack of praise or thoughts on proIsrael or pro Jewish strategies from the Trump Administration. I don’t know if she knows about the Holocaust, who Adolf Hitler was, or the real story behind it to just casually and nonchalantly compare things and people.

    All we continue to hear from her is “Tumpkopf”, which I’m not sure if it’s a form of insanity or insensitivity. I don’t know if comparing Adolf Hitler to a Donald Trump with a frum daughter is a form of insanity. As much as I hated Democrat President Jimmy Carter , and as much as he hated Israel (and I’ve read Carter’s book “Palestine Not Apartheid”), I’d consider myself insane and insensitive to compare Jimmy Carter to Adolf Hitler. You’ll NEVER hear her call Carter “Hitler-like” even if she read his book from front to back, because it doesn’t fit her narrative- a real weakness unfortunately. Not going off track, I want her to go on a March of the Living Trip and see the gas chambers in Auschwitz, see the Jewish human ashes on the ground from 75+ years ago, and then compare Trump, Obama, Bush, Carter to Adolf Hitler. I want her to to visit Yad V’Shem and see how the clothing, money, food, and lives were taken from Jewish communities in Europe, and compare that to the Caravan of Illegals waving the Guatemalan flag in their march, fully clothed, fed, and offered residency in Mexico (but the Caravan refusing it). My entire wife’s side of the family immigrated to the US from Iran (and some immigrated during the Trump years), and through legal, honest, and respectful process- they successfully immigrated. You can’t say the same about European Jews attempting to come to the US from Democratic President FDR during the 1940’s in the USA.

    Gadol, time to be fair, time to be unbiased, time to be objective and not spew points which I can hear from Dan Rather on CBS. Check out this YWN, which you conveniently “missed”, it’s regarding several Muslim Democraticic Congresswomen and what they think of Israel and Palestine. . Trump is absolutely not perfect. Hitler he is not!. Obama was not perfect- Hitler he was not!. Despicable “Palestine loving” Carter was far from perfect, but comparing him to Hitler is ridiculous.

  7. The significant increase in anti-Semitic incidents r’l isn’t just a fact from the ADL, the NYPD says the same thing locally. If Pittsburgh and other acts don’t concern you, something is seriously wrong.

  8. My question is why is this reporter asking such a stupid question. What role does god play in your life???? Seriously? That’s a question for the president of the United States?? If I were trump I would revoke his credentials or at least never call on him again.