WATCH THIS: IDF Blows Up Hamas’ Al Aqsa TV Station Headquarters in Gaza – After First Firing a ‘Warning Missile’

The IDF blew up the building housing the Hamas-run television station al-Aqsa TV in the Gaza Strip on November 12, 2018

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An Israeli airstrike blew up the building housing the Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV station in the Gaza Strip on Monday night, during retaliatory strikes for over 300 rockets fired at Israel by Hamas terrorists.

The IAF first fired a “warning missile” at the multi-story building, before destroying it with a number of additional missiles. Frequently referred to as a “knock on the roof,” the warning missile warns people that an attack on a building is imminent and allows people to leave the site.

The station went off the air after the airstrike. Minutes earlier, it had halted its programming and was broadcasting a still image of its logo after the building was hit by the warning missile. Shortly after, three loud explosions were heard and the screen turned black.

Witnesses say the blast destroyed the entire building, and explosions illuminated the night sky. It was unclear if there were any casualties.

The IDF confirmed that it destroyed the structure.

“This is an attack on a central government property for Hamas, which was conducted as part of additional attacks that the IDF carried out and as a response to the terror attack that the Hamas terror group is leading against Israeli citizens,” the army said.

Hamas decried the attack as “barbaric and barefaced aggression,” in a statement released by the Hamas-linked Palestinian Information Center. “It reflects the enemy’s criminal mindset and is an attack on every free voice seeking to expose the enemy’s crimes, terrorism and violations at the expense of Gaza.”

(YWN / AP)


  1. blowing up empty buildings hasn’t done much, won’t do much and is a waste of energy with the exception of the few remaining klutzes who ‘believe’ that this is something.

    Arabs only understand brute force and swift and tough.