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PHOTOS: Security And Communal Issues On The Table As Rabbonim Gather At FJCC Meeting

A recent Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition meeting held at Khal Keter Torah had more than 50 area Rabbonim hearing detailed information from high ranking members of law enforcement as well as representatives of several communal institutions about issues and services to positively enhance their congregants’ lives. With Torah leaders representing the full spectrum of the Flatbush Jewish community, the gathering sent a powerful message of unity as the Rabbonim worked together on common issues to benefit all area residents.

An informative presentation on shul security given by NYPD Assistant Chief Brian Conroy, commander of Patrol Borough Brooklyn South which encompasses all five greater Flatbush precincts, and Lieutenant John DiMarco, head of the Brooklyn South Counter-terrorism Unit, acknowledged the pressing need for greater emphasis on shul safety in light of recent events. In addition to discussing hands on security measures, Chief Conroy and Lieutenant DiMarco made the group aware of opportunities to tap into government resources at both the state and federal levels that could provide additional funding to implement crucial safety protocols.

Representatives of several organizations introduced the Rabbonim to a variety of beneficial services that are available to the community. National Association of Chevra Kadisha founder and director Rabbi Elchonon Zohn and Rabbi Yonah Feinstein discussed end of life medical and burial issues and were followed by Eli Schron and Shmuel Miller announcing a recently launched wedding initiative that makes tasteful, high class weddings at a beautiful new local venue surprisingly affordable. Mikvah Yisroel of Flatbush (Ave. L and Ocean Ave.) board member Hillel Tropper detailed upcoming renovations and enhancements that will result in a magnificent modern new facility, with Shmaya Singer of The Flatbush Community Fund, an organization created by local Ballei Battim to focus on the charitable needs of members of the Flatbush Community, presenting as well. OHEL CEO David Mandel described the mental health, trauma and elder care services now being offered at the newly opened OHEL Jaffa Family Campus in the heart of Flatbush and the last speaker of the event, COJO of Flatbush CEO Louis Welz, elaborated on the wide array of social services available including immigration and family assistance programs.

“It is extremely rewarding to see the way the FJCC continues to bring the community together on a continued basis, giving our local Rabbonim the opportunity to address concerns that affect the entire kehillah,” said Rabbi Moshe Tuvia Lieff, Morah D’asra of Agudath Israel Bais Binyomin.






(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. article doesnt seem to mention ideas or suggestions by the rabonim ? sounds more like information for the rabbonim not a meeting by the rabbonim?

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