SHOCKING FOOTAGE: New Tiveria Mayor Walks Into a Shul, Tears Down Letter Critical of Him


The incoming Mayor in Tiveria, self-hating Jew Ron Kobi, has once again shown his hatred towards Chareidim. Kobi went to the Shul of HaRav Avraham Dov Auerbach in the city on Tuesday evening, and personally ripped down signs that the Rav Auerbach wrote and posted against any cooperation with the new mayor.

According to eyewitness testimony given to Bechadrei Chareidim – and video footage posted below – Koby arrived at the Shul around 7:30PM, accompanied by television cameras. The mayor read the letter aloud to the gathered media and then proceeded to tour the premises and tear down the sign that had been posted. He tore it up in anger before leaving the shul.

Rav Auerbach had written:

הננו מגלים דעתנו דעת תורה ופסק הלכה בזה, כי ישנו איסור חמור על כל התחברות עמו, ובוודאי שח”ו לא ליישב עמו בקואליציה אחת, בלא שום טצדקי ותירוצים, וכל המתחבר עמו נותן יד לפושעים ואחריתו כמוהם.

The full letter follows:

Kobi responded to Bechadrei about his actions by saying: “I will rip up any letter that calls for subversion against me. If they act in a proper manner, one that is not subversive, and if they give respect to others, then I will respect them as well. Anyone who hangs Pashkivilim, I will personally act against them with the full force of the law to place him beyond the law, and anyone who does not understand this will understand me another way.”

It was unknown what Kobi was referring to when he said they (the Charieidm) will “understand me another way”.

Just last week, Kobi told the media “I want the chareidim to continue to grow – outside of Tiveria. Today, the chareidim comprise 22% of the city and they must not be permitted to reach 30%”.

(YWN israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I am not supporting the Mayor, whom I know nothing about, but the Chareidi parties have historically used a combination of power politics and force – including destroying signs posted by their opponents – to try to get their way. When the same tactics are used against them, there should therefore be no air of injured surprise and shock.

    an Israeli Yid

  2. Does he really think that if he is disrespectful to Rabbonim – it will force Rav Auerbach and his followeres to listen to him????
    Is it OK to go into a SHUL with TV cameras to do this???
    Most of the people in Tveria have respect for Rabbonim and are traditional
    (we live there 4 a while…)
    This “Mayor” already managed to disrupt a committee in the Knesset and was sent away by Chilinm in the committee

  3. This makes me cry.
    Did this mayor ever look into the Torah,so he can see that he is unfortunately talking like a Pharaoh??
    This makes me even more happier to know that Leon won in Yerushalayim,,and not his contender,that wanted to go against religious life in Yerushalayim.
    One can only pray that this mayor will see the errors of his way,and not continue in this horrible path.

  4. terrible bigoted letter
    this is precisely what Charedim are incessantly blamed
    The letter clearly infers Not to sell out for money and other benefits
    parasites aren’t they?

  5. > anIsraeliYid

    “but the Chareidi parties have historically …”

    The topic is on Teveriah. What others allegedly did elsewhere is not relevant. Did R. Auerbach do that? Aside from that, there is a big difference between what individuals do and what an elected official does. I don’t know about Israel, but in the U.S. if a private person refuses to serve someone who, for example, wears a red hat, that is his right. For a government official to refuse service on those grounds violates the victim’s constitutional rights.

  6. What has the Mayor done that is objectionable before this? He did get elected? Did he run against a religious opponent? I know nothing (thankfully, it appears) of local Tiveria politics.

  7. Peleg made a deal with the anti religious candidate of Jerusalem that they will vote for him with a deal as such; that if he closes the streets on Shabbos, they will close it during the week.

  8. What is the background here?
    What has the mayor done that he deserves the title”self hating Jew”?
    Is this Rav Aurbach affiliated with peleg?
    Can the mayor be blamed after seeing what chareidi politicians did in beit shemesh???

  9. As outrageous as this looks, a person who hates chareidim is not necessarily a self hating Jew !!
    Not liking black hats , beards etc does not make you a self hating Jew . Now , if he was a chareidi you could possibly say self hating chareidi.

  10. To all you guys saying that he doesn’t want chareidim for this reason or that, and that it can be justified, be careful. This man had previously stated that he’d rather have Arabs then chareidim. There is no way to justify that, other than to say he hates religious jews. It should be noted that even Yesh Atid, has criticized him for being anti chareidi. As far as the claim that he is not self hating, but only “chareidi hating”, who cares, he hates his fellow jews (and in this case his constituents). I don’t recall any outcry whenever I’ve seen the neturei karta being called self hating. Those self hating jews, it can be claimed, only really hate zionists after all.

  11. “I don’t recall any outcry whenever I’ve seen the neturei karta being called self hating.”

    I don’t think YWN has called them that, although some commenters might have.

  12. 2 objections to this “self-hating Jew” business:

    1. As others have already pointed out, he is not included in the group he opposes.
    By this logic, Republicans who dislike/oppose Democrats are “self-hating Americans,”
    Protestants who oppose Catholics and vice versa are self-hating C…tians, etc.

    2. The term is obviously meant as an insult. News organizations are expected
    to refrain from insulting their subjects… outside of opinion pieces, of course. 🙂