Senator Felder And Holocaust Survivors Program Lighting Up Lives


Brooklyn is home to the largest population of Holocaust survivors in the U.S. with perhaps the largest population residing in Senator Felder’s district. There are approximately 30,000 aging survivors with complex needs living in the borough. An ardent supporter, Senator Felder stopped by the Holocaust Survivors’ Program at Nachas Health and Family Network.

“It is my greatest honor to support our Holocaust survivors. Having endured the worst human atrocity of our time, they arose from the ashes and set about rebuilding lives, families and communities from nothing. It took incredible strength and selflessness. They are survivors in the truest sense of the word. Now that they are aging, they deserve to be cared for with reverence, respect and devotion. Nachas’ Holocaust Survivors Program has been filling their vast and varied needs ever since it opened its doors,” said Senator Felder.

“Close to 50% of survivors live in poverty and 20% – 30% percent live with a disability, so clearly there is significant need. However, so many are still vibrant, and we have to do something to help all of them. To stay healthy, they need a reason to get out of the house, a place to socialize and connect with people who care about them and understand their needs, and that makes all the difference,” explains Director, Raizy Horowitz. “With Senator Felder’s unparalleled support, our program offers so many different ways we can help. We take a holistic approach in our care, nourishing mind, body and soul. They come for exercise classes and lectures and stay to enjoy a luncheon celebrating birthdays and holidays together and then we send them home with food for dinner.”

“Chanukah is a time for spreading happiness,” said Senator Felder. “Many survivors don’t reach out unless the need is severe. If you, or a survivor you know, would benefit from this program, call Nachas Health and Family Network, 718-436-7373.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)