House GOP Leader: Government Shutdown Would Be “Stupid”


House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy says a looming government shutdown would be “stupid” but might be unavoidable if Democrats refuse to support President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall with Mexico.

The California Republican said Thursday that even if House Republicans cobble together enough votes to approve the wall, the plan is likely to fail in the Senate. Democrats in that chamber have vowed to block it from receiving the necessary 60 votes.

McCarthy said he thinks “going into a shutdown is stupid,” but he offered no immediate plan ahead of a Dec. 21 deadline. The House adjourned for six days after his remarks.

McCarthy’s comments put him at odds with Trump, who said this week he’d be “proud to shut down the government” in the name of border security.



  1. The last shutdown was caused by the same issue: a President who doesn’t understand that under the American constitution (and this goes back to 1215, not exactly a “hidush”), the legislature controls the budget. If Obama with his fancy Ivy League law degree couldn’t understand that, what hope does the “Donald” have?

  2. The issue is not who controls the budget, the issue is whether those who control the budget will budget money for a border wall. Threatening to shut down the government is a power play by Trump to try and force the Dems hands. Indeed, it is because he does understand where the power of the purse rides that he is making the threats.

    Trump is all about leverage — and this case is no exception.

  3. This is why the GOP will keep losing..
    The GOP Reps knew that this guy is a swamp RINO, they could have elected Jim Jordan but didn’t.
    Even if it’s stupid, you support your president and don’t reveal your cards to the Dems.. Force them to negotiate, keep pressure on them… Alas, Trump is surrounded by swamp crocs who don’t understand why we elected him..