KIDDUSH HASHEM: NYPD Traffic Agent Impressed With Exceptional Behavior Of Young Yeshiva Boy [WATCH THE VIDEO]


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An NYPD Traffic Agent working in Far Rockaway was so impressed with the way a young Yeshiva boy behaved, that he not only complimented a Jewish neighbor, but allowed himself to be video-taped.

If that wasn’t enough, the NYPD Agent then visited Yeshiva Darchei Torah where the child is a student to see firsthand how Jewish children are raised.

The following is a letter written by a parent of Yeshiva Darchei Torah on Tuesday morning. It was sent to the Rosh Yeshiva, Harav Yaakov Bender, and provided to YWN:

Dear Rabbi Bender,

I wanted to share with you the attached video with the following story, fresh from a few minutes ago.

I was standing in my driveway when a policeman standing on the street asked me “is that your kid walking down there?”

I ran out thinking the obvious “oh my gosh, did my baby run out to the street” but the policeman pointed at the 7 year old walking down the street to Darchei saying “I just want to tell you that I’m used to kids passing by me cursing me and getting away with it because they are kids, and I’ve seen good kids who would never do that. But this one! I’ve yet to see! A young child passing by saying “good morning officer how are you doing?” so I asked him if I can video him saying it and share with the father of the boy which he was happy to, and I’ve attached the video to this email.

I invited him thereafter to visit the school down the block and see the 2300 (bli ayin hora) kids just like this one. So, if a policeman walking in to the school now looking around please don’t get scared 🙂

And this is at times when some people out there are trying to “help us” educate our kid…

Wishing you an easy fast and hatzlocho in the upcoming dinner!


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Thank you for such a nice news item. The boy, his parents, and the yeshiva should be blessed. And you should have more wonderful news to report.

  2. Thank you Rabbi Bender, Rabbi Strickman, this boy’s amazing Rebbe, this boy’s amazing parents, the whole Darchei community which reinforces tis standard, and of course the Middos Mission!
    May you be so blessed ad bias goel tzeddek, and have a successful dinner!
    Miss everyone!

  3. @Bulldozer: “And this rashanta in Albany is going to teach US how to raise our children? What a joke.”
    First, I dont agree with the rashanta, but Middos and education are 2 different things. I am truly impressed
    with this boy. Sadly, middos is something that is so sorely lacking in much of today’s youth. Additional
    note to parents with daughters in the “parsha”. While most of you all want to know if he’s the best boy in BMG
    (aren’t they all?), the one question most of you miss is “How are his middos?” To me, that is much more important.

  4. > Milhouse

    > But he probably doesn’t know about the dinosaurs.

    Is that actually relevant to anything (aside from it probably being incorrect)? I looked up Yeshiva Darchei Torah of New York. They take the regents exam. In fact, for spring of 2018 it is one of the institutions chosen for “Stand-Alone Field Testing” (the allegedly secure testing procedures to verify that the tests are legitimate).

  5. voldemort – I don’t know if what you write is legally correct but in any event, you unfortunately seem to suffer from the same disease as many other “frummer”, that is thinking if something is not ossur or illegal, it is fine to do it. Have you never heard of Derech Eretz or middos chassidus?

  6. > voldemort

    > Anyone can legally curse at a police officer, not just children.

    There are concepts and laws such as “disturbing the peace”. An insult of sufficient gravity (as example, if the words could be interpreted as an actual challenge or invitation to a fight) would qualify and the perpetrator arrested and charged.

    Aside from that, the mere fact that someone deliberately brings themselves to the attention of police by, as example, insulting them, is itself grounds for intensified scrutiny

    And then there are the TV style cases. The cop is found dead. Any person known to have cursed the cop is now a suspect and investigated.

  7. A very nice kiddush HaShem– but how very sad that just saying “good morning” and having basic derekh eretz should be noteworthy.

    As to the penultimate line of the article, I wouldn’t conflate reading, writing and arithmetic with good manners.