READ IT: FBI Charges Williamsburg Man With Assisting Lev Tahor Kidnapping; Bail DENIED

Aaron Rosner (center) and the two children he allegedly kidnapped: 14-year-old Yante Teller (left) and her 12-year old brother Chaim Teller (right)


The FBI has charged the Williamsburg man arrested last week with assisting the Lev Tahor cult in kidnapping two children from their family in upstate New York, and conspiring to transport them to Mexico.

As YWN reported Monday, Aaron Yeshaya Rosner was arrested on Motzei Shabbos. Days before, his brother, Meyer Rosner was arrested by Interpol and the FBI in Mexico, along with 4 other alleged leaders of the cult.

“He’s the ambassador of Lev Tahor to the US,” a community source said of Aaron Rosner, as reported by The NY Post.

Aaron is being charged in connection with the kidnapping of 14-year-old Yante Teller and her 12-year old brother Chaim Teller. YWN previously reported that the siblings were kidnapped on a Shabbos morning (December 8, 2018) in the town of Woodridge. The teens were last seen getting into a vehicle in front of the home at around 2:56AM, and then driving away.

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In the indictment, the FBI says that Rosner “unlawfully seized, confined, inveigled, decoyed, kidnapped, abducted and carried away and held for ransom and reward and otherwise, a person when the person was willfully transported in interstate and foreign commerce…. Aron Rosner participated in a scheme to kidnap two victims in Woodridge, New York and unlawfully transport the victims to Mexico”.

The FBI agent leading the investigation notes he has learned that “Lev Tahor is a group comprised of ultra-Orthodox Jews mostly living in Guatemala. I have further reviewed news reports indicating that children in Lev Tahor are often subject to sexual, physical or emotional abuse.”

The indictment discusses previous YWN reporting, involving the children’s mother escaping the cult and travelling to the United States, where she was later reunited with her children. She was granted full custody of the children on December 13.

[At the time that YWN published the first report that the children had been kidnapped ON SHABBOS, many doubted YWN and called the story “fake news”. YWN apologizes for our earlier error in reporting that the children were kidnapped in a vehicle at 3:32AM, as the FBI has now confirmed it was in fact at 2:56AM on Shabbos morning. Our apologies.]

The indictment states that the kidnapped children left the country through an airport located near Scranton, Pennsylvania. They were accompanied by an unnamed man, and traveled to Mexico City.

The children and their chaperone were disguised in odd clothing confirmed to have been purchased just days before, including some with “superman logos” on it. The clothing was purchased in Seacaus, New Jersey by two men wearing traditional Hasidic garb.

The indictment states that Aaron Rosner arranged for 7 wire transfers to contacts in Mexico throughout December, totaling $3550. He is known to have arranged conference calls among Lev Tahor leaders involved in the kidnapping plot. They discussed the purchase of flights, bus tickets, credit cards and food, as well as hotel rooms in Mexico.

Rosner also participated in a discussion about obtaining passports after having overstayed in Mexico “by putting money into the passport before handing it over to the person at customs and asking them to backdate it for you”.

YWN has learned that Aaron Rosner has been denied bail. He is also believed to have driven the vehicle transporting the kidnapped children from Woodridge to the airport in Scranton, on Shabbos R”L.

Additionally, YWN has learned that several of the co-conspirators mentioned in the indictment – Hasidic Jews from New York – may be cooperating with the investigation.

(Nat Golden – YWN)


  1. Due to my lighter workload this week by dint of the secular holidays, I have more time available to help out, waterboard this fugitive and am even capable of waterboarding him in Ivrit &/or Yiddish, if this is useful to the FBI, to extricate these 2 beautiful children he kidnapped in violation of the 8th commandment, in addition to violating the 4th commandment.

  2. “held for ransom and reward and otherwise” …”AND otherwise” … not so, not in this case, neither ransom or reward and otherwise!
    Where did FBI hear that the children were being mistreated?
    With the lashon hara in YWN and the Jewish online lashon hara fanatics!
    Then the mother claimed they were being taken from her, but they were being returned to their father after the mother kidnapped them from the father!!!

  3. So Lev Tahor were mevatel their own rules AND were mechalel Shabbos to bring back 2 kids. And they claim to be better than everyone else in Shemiras Torah and Mitzvos. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  4. Ready Now,
    did you read the above? The mother has full custody and therefore it is a serious crime for the children to be returned back to the father.

    Did you read the previous posts that this is not Loshen HaRa? It appears not or maybe something worse. . . .

  5. Is there someone from lev tahor with internet and YWN? Who is “ready now”?
    If u want to make it into custody battle then they shouldve at least had father come get them tho the mother already received custody in court but this aron rosner is not the father! How can he or anyone else be so stupid as to take the kids away and cross the border with them? Hes an uncle to 13 yr old thru marriage and no relative at all to the boy!Shame there was no way for rabbonim to disband this cult and now this yid has gotten himself into SERIOUS legal trouble.probably even more so than cult leaders themselves.My heart goes to his parents and family -the ones that are already devastated for years about this shameful cult that stole their sons..but at least this seems to be the beginning of the end!

  6. i dont get it clear rosner drove the car shabbos in middle of the night? what did he tell his wife ? lving the house at that hour? when did he get back?

  7. May I interject a profound thought that needs to be considered here very, very seriously. It is not a doubt that the Lev Tahor cult is an evil group, masquerading with attire that one might associate with kedusha and a derech of Torah, but their actions have proven the opposite. Yet, there seem to be some people who choose to support them, whether financially, or even verbally. I propose that anything that gives them any form of support is a severe problem.

    שלחן ערוך חושן משפט סי’ רס”ו סעיף א addresses the halacha regarding returning a lost object to known עוברי עבירה. The halacha states that one may not return an object to him because doing so is מחזיק ידי עוברי עבירה. This would refer to an inanimate object, and I would expect קל וחומר to give them donations or return children back to them. The concept of מחזיק is not only about השבת אבידה but any form of support. Anyone with a scholarly interest in this has been provided a reference to investigate.

    Thus, I protest anyone who supports this evil cult in any manner whatsoever.

  8. ready now, there’s no loshen hora applicable to mechalelei Shabbos b’hefreisa. Unless you have another Torah, perhaps the torah given by Helbrans and Co.

  9. Hiding in plain sight in Williamsburg, sounds incredible to me. Apparently there were folks in Willy who knew who this guy was and did nothing. Shame on them.

  10. Hiding in plain sight in Williamsburg, sounds incredible to me. Apparently there were folks in Willy who knew who this guy was and did nothing. Shame on them.

  11. Iusebrains, they caused the 2 children over bas and bar mitzvah age who are mechiuv min haTorah in all the mitzvos like adults, to be mechallel Shabbos.

    Obviously this cult causes their members to transgress halacha. This is torahs Helbrans and Co.

  12. Fact: The parent with whom the children ORIGINALLY resided has full custody and that is the father.
    The Torah says that unsubstantiated gossip is indeed lashon hara and to listen to “previous posts” that state otherwise is an avera as well.
    There is no mehallel shabbos when saving a life, and to save from chilonim influence is indeed saving of life.
    The father can send a shaliach to save his children, he does not have to do it himself.

  13. Ready now:

    Stop with your “unsubstantiated” baloney. If you even think that this is being “דן לכף זכות”, that I proclaim you to be completely ignorant of what this means. There is no Torah mandate to deny fact. And the vicious behavior of this cult has been proven countless times. It’s one thing to wonder and ask. But you are coming across here as an advocate for this avodah zarah cult, who are notorious for manipulating Torah to fit some selfish needs, from abuse of various types, to frank violations of halacha and law. The chilul Shabbos was open chilul Shabbos, not saving from chilonim, unless you are rasha enough to consider anyone but this gang of thugs chilonim. Shame on you. If I were an investigator, I would try to determine your identity to find out if you are somehow implicated in the avodah zarah cult.

  14. It’s obvious Ready Now is brainwashed by the Lev Tahor folks, and most likely living with them. (They definitely use Internet when it suits them. They just have to have approval, and of course the computers they use are not their own but the cult’s. Maybe YWN can look into the IP address). There’s no point in engaging him.

    And please everyone stop maligning Aron Rosner’s family etc. They are innocent victims here, whether they knew about his “membership” or not. It’s not like they could do anything to change his mind about this cult, and this illegal kidnapping was a likely a recent escalation of his crazy behavior. He wasn’t regularly kidnapping kids…

  15. ready now, thanks for informing all of us that we are chilonim, including the frum and likely Chassidishe family the kidnapped children stayed by. I understand that you Lev Tahor people need to keep your children away from chilonim like us, to the point that you are mechallel Shabbos.

    Your ideology is very rational; you’re group is the only real frum yirie shomayim on planet earth, and the rest of us are all chilonim. Thanks for clearing that up.

  16. ready now, I forgot to write in my previous post that we understand too why you needed to get away from chilonim like us, running to remote areas in Canada and then to Guamatala instead of living within frum communities, being that you are the only true ירא שמים on planet Earth and your derech is the only true way to serve ‘ה . All who we consider gedolim really know nothing, and what we eat is trief and our chinuch is goyish and we don’t really keep halacha, including the laws of Shabbos, only you do, like you’d give up your life rather than be driven in a car on Shabbos or cause your frum members to do that.

    I mean, you people are amazing serving Hashem like that, and it’s awesome that you are the only real true frum Jews in the universe!

  17. “concerrned mom”:This comment from above by me :”Fact: The parent with whom the children ORIGINALLY resided has full custody and that is the father.” was in response to another poster above who said that the mother had custody of the children. You are suggesting, inciting revenge or vigilante justice on me, you are in fact incriminating yourself in these pages.

    “The little I know”:Your words are sheer fantasy, you are fabricating lies, they are totally unsubstantiated.
    Your sweeping generalizations and distortions are as worthy as the cheap theatrics as practiced by the greatest anti-Semites that have walked the earth. Shame on you, as you said, but all you critics should look as yourselves first.

  18. Ready now,
    you sound like a new BT (you may not be but that is what it sounds like) who does not know Halchos Lashon HaRar Halchos Dinem, or basic Halchos. When you have learned 2000 blat Gemera without a Daf Yomi shuir, you will understand why your perspective and basis is incorrect.

  19. ari December 26, 2018 10:33 pm at 10:33 pm
    מחלל שבת בפרסיה השם ירחם Don’t be so sure few satmer chasidim will still try to bail him out
    Are you blaming the Satmers for this LT shtick? The LT cult is totally an independent Jewish looking people who are in slavery to the gang leader only. I wonder if you gave Credit for the Satmers when they were actually involved in R’ S Rubashkin and other hundreds of cases they factually help, and what (if Any) did You contribute to such occasions that you call out people like that? I’d like you to explain so the readers and I, should understand.