Lev Tahor Children Kidnapped in New York Have Been Recovered in Mexico


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The two Lev Tahor children kidnapped on a Shabbos morning earlier this month in upstate New York,have been successfully recovered in Mexico and are in the custody of child services, YWN has learned.

The operation involved FBI, Interpol, the US State Department and Mexican Police.

14-year-old Yante Teller and her 12-year old brother Chaim Teller are in good condition B”H, and are expected to be reunited with their mother in the United States some time next week.

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Additionally, YWN has learned that an effort is underway to have 5 leaders of the cult – arrested two weeks ago in Mexico – extradited to the United States. Their list of charges has grown since the kidnapping of the children.

Additionally, Aron Rosner of Williamsburg remains in custody in New York for allegedly orchestrating the kidnapping.

According to an indictment unsealed earlier this week and published on YWN, Rosner kidnapped the children from their family in Woodridge, NY, dressed them in clothing with superman logos (to avoid detection of law enforcement) and drove them ON SHABBOS to an airport outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania where they boarded a flight to Mexico.

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(Nat Golden – YWN)


  1. B”H!

    As much as I’m thrilled that they were found, this case was handled badly, and/or suffered from bad policy.

    1. No Amber alert was issued. I checked the rules, and the risk of kids being SMUGGLED OUT OF THE US does not automatically warrant an Amber alert. The kid needs to be in immediate danger, although the police have some discretion.

    2. The press release stated the kids were presumed to have headed to NYC. Only someone not familiar with the case would come to this erroneous conclusion.

    3. Likely due to numbers 1 & 2 above, not all area airports were notified to be on the lookout. So using Scranton airport with everyone in disguise was easy.

    4. The kids were not in imminent danger? I sure hope not, or else all cult members there are at risk now, but with cults, one can never know for sure.

    5. This (THEORY ONLY) negates all I’ve said before, but if true is unethical and likely illegal: the authorities wanted the kids to be smuggled out of the US to help build their case and get their “foot in the door” to go after this cult, despite it being out of US territory.

  2. im trying to wrap my head around this
    which normal people would live in mexico or guatemala under conditions of no air conditioning
    living in run down schacks no plumbing
    in the year 2018
    no matter how frum you are you can live in kj square or any other secluded community
    something is seriously wrong here

  3. The fact that cult members transported the children on Shabbos outside the trum in a car and a plane after taking them from their mother’s care shows that the cult , although related to Judaism is not authentic Yiddishkeit. To go overboard with tznius covering faces, yet desecrating Shabbos clearly indicates it’s a new religion or a cult.

  4. These young under aged children where stolen on shabbos from their mother. Driven to nyc on shabbos and no one said a word
    In williamsberg. Sorry through them in jail

  5. The operation involved FBI, Interpol, the US State Department The Federal Government currently is shuttered down {solely because of the Democrats} so how were these agencies able to function? to rescue these 2 beautiful children who ere forced against their will to desecrate the Holy Shabbos 2 weeks ago.

  6. Hopefully with a reprogramming and a lot of therapy , these kids Will be able to lead a normal life. I think it’s time to remove they’re pictures they are victims. Git shabes everybody

  7. Yaapchik
    It was most likely a bait operation . They let the kids get so far so that they could pick up the 4 leaders in Mexico when the kids arrived.

  8. To “Kollel Faker” how can you blame accuse the whole Williamsburg? Do you watch your whole neighborhood too? Can you be in every single kidush club on your area at once? Where were you when your neighbor stole – you have a part in it.

  9. Kollel Faker: they were smuggled to Mexico, not Williamsburg. So whom do you want to jail? All of Williamsburg???

    And Yaapchik, there was no Amber alert issued. They could have used their own passports.

    These kids have traveled from Canada to Mexico and Guatemala in the past. Likely most members of the cult have passports.

  10. @Mammele
    unless you have inside info of the operation, how do you know it was handled badly?
    not all of the people in the FBI, Interpol, etc. are idiots, they got the job done, and they do this for a living, so I assume they know what they are doing. Usually.
    @147 responding to a kidnaping is considered a necessary function of the gov. as such, the shutdown shouldn’t affect this