HORRIFYING REPORT: Lakewood Father Finds Nanny Smothering Child With Pillow


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An absolutely horrifying incident was reported by TLS on Monday morning.

A Lakewood father awoke during the night to hear his 4-week-old daughter screaming, and then suddenly stopping. He ran to the door of the newborns bedroom, where he listened from outside. He heard silence, and then suddenly heard shrieking “as if she was under the covers”.

The father barged into the room to find their nanny standing over the the child with a pillow on her face.

He says he shoved the nanny away from the baby and yelled “what are you doing?!”

The nurse responded “it’s not what it looks like”.

The father ordered the woman to leave the home immediately, and offered to drive her to a bus station.

TLS who spoke to the father exclusively said that he was wondering why the baby monitor wasn’t working properly, and now has reason to believe that it was tampered with.

The woman came from a reputable agency that provides live-in nannies. The agency is investigating the incident.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Lets think about this… You hear screaming from your child’s bedroom. You walk in and see your non-Jewish nanny suffocating your 4 month old with a pillow and then what do you do? YOU DRIVER HER TO THE BUS STOP!?

    never thought about calling the police?

    SOMETHING doesn’t add up

  2. B”H they found caught the “nurse” in the nick of time!

    Poor baby, who knows why she was screaming prior to being smothered!

    I would never trust a stranger! Always make sure you have hidden cameras if you do have to resort to a stranger caring for your child or elderly parents.

  3. Investigated only by the agency? Not the prosecutor’s office? I’d be more calm knowing that the distinct possibility that there is crime involved (as in attempted murder or at least physical abuse) was addressed. The agency is not empowered to do that.

  4. Or maybe the really disturbing part of the story is that heimishe people hire goyim to watch over their children. I do not understand how anyone could have a non-Jewish babysitter, ever, for any reason. We don’t go to non-Jewish barbers for similar suspicions. Why would you entrust them with your children???

  5. if this was me I would need someone to post bail for me…
    drives her to the bus? whats wrong with people. thats your child.
    drive her off a cliff.

  6. 1:

    You wrote: “Women should be at home with kids,”

    Are you for real? This is Lakewood! Women in Lakewood do not belong at home. They belong in the workplace. They are the Zevuluns of the current era. We all know that Rav Aharon Kotler ZT”L never intended for the Men learning – Women working thing to become a lifestyle followed universally by all. But that’s how the game gets played, and such are the risks that so many choose.

  7. Totally not the working issue.lots of ppl in lakewwod dont have parents,inlaws or their whole family nearby and it became easier and cheaper to have a nanny for a while as opposed to mother going away after birth(the article says baby is 4 weeks old) but these nanny stories are becoming too common and sickening something has got to change! Pllleeeaaase..

  8. 1,
    “And this is why you shouldn’t hire a Nanny. Women should be at home wuth kids,”

    Did you read?:
    “A Lakewood mother awoke during the night to hear his 4-week-old infant screaming,”

    Obviously it was for a newborn so the mother can get some sleep…

  9. You can only call the cops if u have proof. Most likely it would be thier words against her, so they just wanted her out of thier home.
    The fact that they did not call the cops was either because they did not have proof or the agency was an illegal one, which would mean he/she would be trouble for hiring illegslls

  10. Agree, as some have said, something smells fishy.
    Firstly, if i caught someone doing that, they would not be able to walk or sit on a bus after I got done with them. Secondly, why is the nanny not in a jail cell? Offering to drive to bus? Ma? Is he normal? That is not a normal reaction.
    Also agree, there are SO many things you can do from home these days to stay home with the kiddos. There is a you tube of this non Jewish couple with babies that bought spices from trader joes and resold them on amazon to make extra cash so the mom could stay home. There are literally tons of stuff you can sell on ebay, amazon etc., not even full time to bring in cash so you don’t have to hire nannies. There are even disabled people who could not work in the “old days”, that can now earn a living this way. Literally we are so lucky to live in a time when all this is possible. You can do remote consulting, translations, data entry, logo design and on and on. And you can search for anything online. People go on about the “dangers” of the internet, but just like guns and nukes, it is pareve and you can use it for good.

  11. It was in middle of the night. Unless she’s a nurse I doubt the mother was working especially with a newborn!

    The Little I Know- in the Lakewood i know many of the women working are not supporting learning husbands. Their husbands are working and they need 2 salaries. And thats okay. Please dont be judgemental of working women who’s husbands work- they are usually not supported and must make up the shortfall somehow.

  12. it’s certainly not the first incident of a nanny physically, emotionally or spiritually harming a yiddishe child or making the kitchen treif.
    I don’t know the solution for mothers post-natal but nanny nowadays is dangerous and therefore irresponsible!

  13. All of you are really unbelievable. Instead of looking at the positive that this father found the nanny and stop her in time. You turn to negativity and hate on a family that might need a second income, on a mother who might of had a difficult birth and the need help with the children, and in a community that is a makom hatorah. Why? Are you upset at Lakewood do you not understand what Torah is are you not machsov Torah? Why does everything and everyone have to be ripped on just because you don’t understand. If any of you found a nanny doing this would you not have thrown her out of your house. Who cares why he didn’t call the police, who cares why they had a nanny in the first place who cares if the mother has a job. Just thank HaShem that the baby is ok and that you been warned. Maybe you are upset because you can’t afford a nanny or cause you are so old school you can’t understand a woman working. Or maybe you just want to say the first things out of your mouth and on your mind without thinking of those parents who are reading these post or maybe they are not reading it but who cares cause they can. Do they not feel guilty enough having just went thru a traumatic experience. Everyone just learn to speak nicely and positive maybe than Moshaich will come and stop with all the loshan hara and rechilus cause even when you write and put it on YWN it is still loshon hara and rechilus. With HaShem help we should never hear such a story again.

  14. We don’t know how many other children there are in the home for the mother to take care of during the day, nor is it known if the birth itself was complicated by the need for a C-Section or other medical issues that left the mother with a longer recovery time than what could be considered the norm for four weeks post partum.

    My only advice is to contact the police regardless of whether or not charges can be laid in relation to this incident. At the very least a report will have been generated. There could be a pattern of similar incidents in relation to the Nanny Agency or to this particular nanny. But you have to report. You have to let someone in authority know what happened. I personally would not trust the Nanny Agency to police itself. So speak up… because the next helpless baby maybe won’t be so lucky to have a father who sleeps with one ear open.

  15. getting an overnight nanny for a newborn is not exactly unheard of… the prices of kimpaturin homes in the area are exorbitant and the Mom just may need to rest and have no close family nearby or available… The regular nanny agencies servicing Lkwd are aboveboard and legal. The workers are vetted, screened and trained. why the cops weren’t immediately called is so strange…

  16. They were probably afraid to call the police because then the nurse would tell a story of her own and then the social services would come and investigate and would make a tremendous amount of trouble as everyone knows what the wicked social services love to do.

  17. These people do way less checking in a nanny then they do in shidduchim. Its mind boggling to leave new borns and infants with total strangers who u know less zero about .

  18. Stop With The Hate:
    I think people are saying just that something doesn’t seem right, ie missing info and/or something smells fishy with the info, not necessarily with the couple. You cannot argue that it is not normal to see someone smothering your baby and offering to drive her to the bus stop. Discussing avoiding hiring a nanny by working from home in hypothetical sense, is not “hating on” the couple. Something is off with what is written if it is true. Don’t be so hyper sensitive, more info is needed so justice can be done. B’H the baby is ok.

  19. Chaim Mair:
    Agree, definitely a possibility. Wicked is too nice of a term for them, let’s leave it at that.
    Dr. Nat: You forgot to write:
    “Nanny: Smothering your baby, but it’s not what it looks like.”
    MMYHS, Takes2: Agree.

  20. RebYidd23, we are not talking about the better case scenario where the nanny just needs to be fired – we’re talking about the wellbeing and perhaps the very life of one’s child. I have never and never would use one of these nannies to care for the precious nehsamos that Hashem put in my care – and I do have a set of multiples.

  21. Father finds ‘nurse’ attempting to smother baby. Father rescues child and drives nurse to bus stop. Tell me what’s wrong with this picture.

  22. Dr. Nat: I think they mean people in general who hire nannies or run nanny agencies vs. people who hire schadchans to fix them up on dates.

  23. 👑RebYidd23
    January 15, 2019 4:38 pm at 4:38 pm

    To be fair, firing a nanny isn’t as big a deal as getting divorced
    Reb yidd,
    Your response indicates you missed the boat , as usual.

  24. Dr. Nat
    January 16, 2019 6:32 am at 6:32 am

    Takes 2: I’m just curious, who are “these people”?
    Anyone you would like it to be.
    Could be you,your neighbor,mother,sister, even your phycologist.

  25. E-fish says:
    The regular nanny agencies servicing Lkwd are aboveboard and legal. The workers are vetted, screened and trained. why the cops weren’t immediately called is so strange…
    Please describe the term “regular agencies”
    Which are regular,which are irregular?