Hatzalah Of Los Angeles Facing Resistance To Operate; Thousands Sign Petition


Hatzolah of LA is currently trying to get its permit to transport patients, but is receiving opposition from the LA Fire Department. There is a hearing scheduled for 1/29 in front of the LA County Board to determine this issue, but the LAFD has issued a letter of opposition (see letters below).

According to Hatzalah, they are falsely claiming that allowing Hatzalah to respond with lights and sirens will put the public in danger; This despite their previous support in the this issue over the years. Moreover the point of the hearing is related to just getting a county license to transport and Hatzolah of Los Angeles has always and will always abide by the laws.

A statement from Hatzalah given to YWN reads:

“Since 2001 Hatzolah of Los Angeles has served the community to help every person who needs medical care no questions asked. This has angered several local agencies because they think Hatzolah is a threat to what they do.

Instead of working with us to create a stronger EMS program, these local agencies have sent letters opposing our ambulance provider license.

Our meeting is on January 29th. We need the community support to stand up and tell the agencies and the Los Angeles County EMS that Hatzolah is needed. If we lose this hearing, Hatzolah’s ability to service your area may change dramatically for the worse.

Please show your support at this very important meeting.”

Hatzalah has started a petition online, and are actively recruiting askanim and others to write letters in their behalf, or even to fly in and attend the hearing.

See a link to your petition here which has already gained thousands of signatures. Please help Hatzalah by signing this petition.

For more information: Please visit https://www.hatzolahofla.org/post/hatzolah-hearing


  1. could be that Hatzolah is basically made to give service to the Jewish residents and although it does help non-Jews, that is not their goal…….

  2. There is a lot to unpack here, both sides have valid points, and both sides make some very invalid claims.
    Will comment more later…

  3. Their arguement holds no water. Hatzola works in all major cities around the world. Its disgusting putting money and glory ahead of peoples lives. UFLAC should be ashamed of themselves

  4. As an LA resident while the fire department is of course doing an amazing service for he community I cannot tell you HOW grateful I am for the wonderful services of hatzalah, while this may be an exaggeration I feel Hatzlalah are there within 2 minutes while the fire department may take up to 10 times that and while it may be awkward seeing your kids principal to show up when you had that clumsy accident (Go Rabbi Manne!) gosh its so worth it. And BTW I called them when a non Jew on my property got hurt too…and they helped him till the FD came several minutes later. For the sake of the yidden of LA I hope they are successful. May Hashem help.

  5. Municipal agencies have no say in such matters. They do what the elected leaders tell them to. And the leadership of Los Angeles are DEMOCRATS who increasingly accept the socialist dogma that objects to the anyone but the government providing services, and in general looks on religious groups with great hostility.

  6. unbelievable , what you need is not signatures you need testimony and data from many major metropolitan neighborhoods on response time , how rare an accident and all the other bolony …to partner with hatzoloh to supervise a cpr course ah gelechter!!!!
    unfortunately the soft polite approach does NOT work with municipalities and it needs strong arm tactics not nice but in the end get things done . they feel threatened and are biased

  7. I find it hard to believe that from the time a call is made to Hatzolla that they arrive in 2 minutes when you factor in LA traffic.

    I’m also confused by the letters as to what geographic area is being challenged. Does Hatzolla currently have the right to operate as an ambulance service throughout LA County or just in areas where Jews live?