WATCH: Bill Gates Says We Need to Stop ‘Cow Flatulence’ to Slow Climate Change


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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates says bovine flatulence is a large contributor to global warming and no one knows exactly how to limit gas emissions generated by livestock.


  1. In other words he says how dumb these climate change people like Cortez are that even you cut all of gas cars and planes etc. You are only a tiny fraction of the emissions that are being used by making materials like steel & cement etc.

    Listen to the entire message, he brings it out very well (of course he watches his words)

  2. can this faction of the left and the vegan faction of the left fight it out quietly in another room and come back when they are done, please?

  3. This is really very sad. Bill Gates has always been a good friend of Israel and the Jewish people. When he set up a Kosher kitchen in the MS headquarters, he even made a point of eating with the frum workers. To see him loosing his marbles in such a public way is very sad indeed. There are shameless people who will exploit anyone and any weakness to advance their agenda.

  4. This is the unfortunate truth which the climate alarmists don’t want to deal with. All animals produce greenhouse gases, the plants then breath in the greenhouse gases and convert them to oxygen, which the animals (including human) then inhale. Perhaps more than anything else this is a reason to believe that “carbon dioxide” does not cause global warming. This process has been going on since the beginning of life on earth. The climate may indeed be warming, and probably is (since archelology and paleontology suggest we are in a “cold period” and normal is much warmer), but getting worked up about carbon emissions is irrelevant.