BELGIUM HATE PARADE: Antisemitic Caricatures of Orthodox Jews & Money Bags Paraded at UNESCO Supported Event


Spectators visiting the famous Aalst carnival in Belgium were shocked to find horrific anti-Semitic caricatures of Orthodox Jews paraded through the town.

Floats with “Hasidic” men with their “long noses” on them passed by thousands of people with no one raising their voices in protest. The “Jews” were sitting on money bags, and had a rat next to them.

The Aalst carnival was included in UNESCO’s list of intangible world heritage in 2010. It’s origin dates back to the Middle Ages. The festival is supported by UNESCO. The Facebook page of the far right group “DeVismooiln” who are behind the parade has been removed.

The parade is paid for by the Aslst community.

In another part of the parade, a procession resembling the Ku Klux Klan were seen celebrating with town officials, in the presence of Flemish nationalist politician Senator Guy D’haeseleer.

Not to be left out, there were also “blackface” parts of the parade as well.

The press release put out by the head of the main Jewish organization of Belgian Jewry (CCOJB) reads (translated):

The Coordinating Committee of Jewish Organizations of Belgium (CCOJB) and the Forum der Joodse Organisaties (FJO) join forces to express their anger and misunderstanding at the puppets of Jews with hooked noses and the chests full of money that marched during Carnival of Aalst. At best, it is a disgraceful lack of discernment, especially given the rising context of anti-Semitism in our country and the world, at worst the reproduction of antisemitic caricatures worthy of the Nazi era. We have reported these elements to Unia and are going to contact the organizers and the competent authorities to accompany our denunciation of concrete acts for the coming years.


  1. PLEASE – Listen to ME my dear brothers and sisters…..
    It’s 100% a repeat of Nazi Germany..
    It’s time to get out of there before it’s TO LATE!!!

    PLEASE – Leave today!

  2. That’s okay. Obama, Nadler, Schiff & their good buddies in the DNC controlled media, are big supporters of UNESCO. It’s only President Trump who is an evil white racist.

  3. Very hard question which I hope someone can offer me some insight:- What is more wicked and evil in Belgium:- Ban on Shechitoh? or these Hassidish looking caricatures?

    2nd very hard question which I hope someone can offer em some insight:- If Heaven forbid Corbyn gets into 10 Downing Street:- Will he be featuring such Hassidish looking caricatures as well as a ban on Shechitoh in the UK?

  4. Isn’t having money a compliment? Why are they using that as an attack? What kind of insult is that? I’d assume being poor is more of an insult. no?

  5. Ctrl Alt Del,

    Glad you and your crony 2929 find this HILARIOUS.

    This is not funny at all, it is downright scary what is happening all over the world. There is no shame, no attempt to even hide their true intentions. This is the same old Anti-Semitism we’ve experienced for centuries. It hasn’t ended well in the past. May it end with the coming of Moshiach speedily in our times!

  6. They also seem to be making some sort of mocking gestures about what seems to be the Bris Mila? This video is sickening, true European Anti-Semitism in its finest form. What’s with these “Jewish organizations “? They’re gonna contact the parade organizers?! That’s like contacting the Nazi headquarters to complain about the Gestapo.

  7. KShomron – No, the Jews should come home to Eretz Yisroel, not America. In America Jews will assimilate within a generation or two. Also, the majority of Yidden will be living in Israel within a decade, for the first time since the Babylonian captivity. Mashiah is on his way!

  8. Always wondered why our גדולים didn’t tell our Zeides to get out of continental Europe before 1939.
    Is this a repeat
    רחמנה לצלן?

  9. The scary thing is not that people are open about their antisemitism. It’s also not scary that they think it. After all, you really can’t change the way people think unless it is through education of their children. The scary thing is how comfortable we have become in Galus and how surprised we are / outraged we get when we see the emes percolating to the surface.

  10. @ocho sinco- you really mean that question??

    go look into the history and you’ll understand why this is sickeningly not a compliment.

  11. That they didn’t protest the mocking of Jews doesn’t surprise me but the fact they didn’t condemn the blackface is shocking.

  12. This proves to me many things of which Three stand in mind.

    1. We will always be hated ( see Purim) and made fun off. This is a world epidemic which will continue until the end of days.

    2. We Jews no matter how we “hold”, left. right, Sepharad, Ashkenaz, Temani what ever, sruga , black hat etc…. ALL came from Har Sinai. We need to have Achdut (s) stick together as one people . We only have each other, nobody cares about us as evidenced by the uptick in antisemitism which is back in vogue.

    3. Make Alyia, – not easy that’s for sure but great Jews of the past traveled for months and years to end in the Aretz under difficult hardship. We have Nefsh b Nefesh, we have networks, Gemachs for those in need and many other programs to make the transition easier. Live with our own people.

  13. This is pay back time for frum yidden who vote in poilitical leaders who are pro abortion, pro gay, pro gay marriage, pro transgencgender, pro lgbtq.
    It was bound to happen.

  14. I fear that by saying “Orthodox Jews” as the target, this means that everyone else and non-orthodox people can ignore it as it does not effect them. In the same way the MSNBC won’t show any disapproval at the Klan and Blackface dressings.
    My local newspaper gave me multiple op-ed lectures about the deeply seated racism of America thanks to the Democratic Governor of Virginia. I will not have any lectures about the deeply seated racism of Europe.

  15. Takes2,
    Well Said

    The more
    ‘ tolerant ‘ we try to be the less tolerant they’ll become

    From Weimar to Bereishis 27 :40

  16. To all those advising the Yidden of Belgium to move away (E”Y or USA):
    Are you also prepared to leave the USA?
    We are seeing dramatic increases of antisemitism here also.
    How about all the swastikas and blood showing up at the schools and synagogues in so many places?
    How about our elected officials that spout antisemitism: Omar, OAC, Sanders, etc
    How about the hate so blatant in the colleges and universities espoused and encouraged by those “intellectual” professors?
    Sounds like the 1930s again?
    Don’t think so? Ask the Holocaust survivors.
    Reread the famous Meshach Chochma in parshas Bechukosai – when Yidden get to comfortable in any land where they leave, become to affluent and/or powerful, the RBS”O “reminds” them again that they too are in Golus.
    Wake up calls Rabbosai.
    Not just to the Yidden of Belgium, UK, France, etc – but also of the USA.

  17. the facts are that gathering in of the exile kibutz golius is part of the coming of mashiach
    the yidden in golus will not go to eretz yisroel willingly or at least not all of them
    hashem has to create a situation where one is forced to leave their birthplace we have seen it before and this is all part of the process

  18. Those carnival guys in Aalst actually are a type that will try to poke fun at everyone and every religion beside themselves, but they fear the ramifications, so defacing muslims for example is something they wouldn’t risk less the carnival turns nasty or even bloody, However they know that defacing Jews, orthodox Jews in particular is practically playing safe. Nevertheless if you would ask the carnival guys of their view on world politics, they would easily say the Jews are the most dangerous and hazardous people around! My Grandfather O”h used to say; Anti Semitism in Poland was a practice that didn’t require any sense or logic. it’s now the same game in Aalst, Greater Europe and beyond.

  19. Hi. I’m Muslim, and I came here to say how appalled and disgusted I am by all of this. It is very offensive and it saddens me that these types of things are considered humorous or okay. We stand with you. And I will always condem any anti Semitic rhetoric anywhere.

    With that said, I was also saddened to see post with anti Muslim rhetoric in the comments. One has nothing to do with the other. Both types of hate are wrong and gets us nowhere. We have to stand up for one another to remain a united front against all evil.

    Much love to all of our Jewish neighbors.