TWITTER EXPLOSION: Yeger Slams Anti-Semites Omar and Sarsour, Says “Palestine” Doesn’t Exist; Politicians Demand Apology


Twitter exploded on Wednesday, after NYC Councilman Kalman Yeger responded to a tweet by Anti-Semitic Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Omar tweeted: “At this year’s AIPAC conference, the topic PM Netanyahu chose to focus on was…me.”

Omar was referring to the part of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech in which he said: “So I have a message to all the antisemites out there – whether they live in modern Persia, in the palaces of Tehran or the bunkers of Beirut; whether they march through the streets of Charlottesville or murder worshippers in a synagogue in Pittsburgh; whether they voice their hatred in political parties in Britain, or Europe, or the United States…

The Jewish people do not bow down. We stand up. We fight. And we win.

My friends, ladies and gentlemen, some people will just never get it. They’ll never understand why the vast majority of Americans – Jews and non-Jews alike – support Israel.

Take it from this Benjamin, it’s not about the Benjamins.”

Councilman Yeger responded “You’re an antisemite and a member of Congress. It’s not strange that you’d be mentioned. Anyway, what are you complaining about? It’s what you want.”

Yeger never negatively referred to the Palestinian people as a people, but simply stated the geographic reality that there is no place as “Palestine”, something that is 100% accurate. The United States government does not recognize a country called “Palestine”.

This prompted furious responses by Palestinian activists on social media. One of them wrote: “brooklyn council member calls ilhan omar an antisemite. this is the same council member who has repeatedly said that palestine does not exist and refers to them as “so-called palestinians”

Yeger responded by saying “Palestine does not exist. There, I said it again. Also, Congresswoman Omar is an antisemite. Said that too. Thanks for following me.”

Well-known anti-Semitand terrorist sympathizer Linda Sarsour jumped into the fray, immediately calling for Yeger’s removal from the NYC Immigration Committee, and demanded an apology.

[UPDATE – YEGER-OFFICE PROTESTS: Hundreds Drown Out a Few Pro-Palestinians; Neturei Karta Join Anti-Semites [VIDEOS]

YWN has learned that following his comments on Twitter, Councilman Yeger received threats against himself and his family.

Elected officials immediately demanded Yeger apologize:

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Councilman Yeger spoke the truth. And the antisemites of all shapes and colors demand an apology? Mr Yeger, there is nothing to apolgize for.
    Let them move to Gaza if they don’t like it. Join their brothers and terrorist cousins.

  2. We know the truth, but what in the world did Mr Yeger gain by saying this statement? All he got is the muslim community will be angry at jews in general and the democrats will bend over backwards to show they support for the muslim position. Politicians need to think three times before they say something. Hashem should protect us

  3. I never understood why Hikind, Yeger, and other local New York politicians feel an urgent need to make comments about the Israeli-Arab conflict.

    1) They cannot do any more about the conflict than any guy in the street and their views thereof are no more worthwhile than any random Chaim Yankel

    2) Their political position is local/city/municipal and has nothing to do with foreign affairs and

    3) Their Orthodox Jewish constituents do not share their strenuous zionism.

  4. The truth can get you killed. Look how it ended for Meir Kahane. Unless you think it’s worth losing your life over, it’s not 100 % smart antagonizing the Muslims.

  5. There was a place called Palestine under the British Mandate and those born there in those years are Palestinians according to their birth certificates. After the division into 2 states, Israel and Jordan, those born after 1948 are either Israeli or Jordanian. There was never a nation of Palestine or a Palestinian people. Those so called “Palestinians” of today fled Israel in 1948 and because the Arab nations didn’t want them they have lived off the charity of the United Nations for 70 years.

  6. I don’t enjoy doing this, but Joseph uses a variety of aliases to consistently bash Israel , pols and rabbis who support the Jewish State. He’s a purveyor of hate against any shitta that he was taught to oppose.. He’s a one person arsonist , that’s all he is. Apparently YWN is his only joy in life.

  7. @UJM:
    You are a psycho!!!!!

    This shiksa (Omar yms) is allowed to say anything and not get condemned for it but Rabbi Yager is not allowed to condem her because he’s an anti Semite?
    You are a niturei karte mamzir

    Thank you very much Kalman!!!!!!!

  8. UJM

    Towing the neturei karta line as usual. We’re you with the Brooklyn College socialists calling for intifada a few days ago? Shamzich.

  9. UJM/Joseph/NetureKartaMamzir

    The Jewish nation is united behind Israel. We are the majority and we think you guys are absolutely nisht normal.
    Am yisrael chai!!!!


  10. yeger-
    congrats for saying what any jew in a position of influence should ..
    city council clowns will just respect u more in the long run , they need to tow the pc line for optics , they’re understanding of the facts/historical record is laughable – and they know it .
    Stick to your principles .

  11. I don’t believe that all Muslims agree with these half wit witches, Omar or Sarsour. That being said there is no reason to show them any relevance and no reason to stir the pot. We get along with the Muslims in our community , there is no reason to say these things be it true or false.

  12. Whether Kalman was right or wrong, why are people calling him out, yet Ilhan Omar is still secure in her position? There’s a double-standard here.

  13. The Arabs hate us anyways & there was no reason for Kalmen Yeger to sent that tweet as all it does is make them hate us worse. Dov Hikind & Kalmen Yeger don’t seem to understand that if someone hates you making protests, rallies or sending tweets are not going to make those haters all of a sudden like us. Infact sending such tweets could make it worse for us as now they will hate us more & who knows what hate attacks they can do. It’s not instigate people who already hate us. If we don’t like an elected official we have the right to vote the out of office without making any statements when the next election comes around.

  14. UJM,

    Shame on you for being a TOTAL ignoramus troll . Read history, how Israel was always occupied by the Ottomans and before that by others…

    The sad part is, if Jews are so ignorant, what can we expect from the typical leftist university student…

    Omar says: “Lets discuss Israel etc”
    So YES bring it on. Let ALL the facts be laid out, and I mean All – Like where did these so-called Palis come from? Why isn’t Jordan confronted with allowing a Pali state within their territory, what about ‘Black September’ massacre?.

    Bottom line: the entire “Palestinian” people is a pure myth. They are Arab sand Bedouins that migrated from the surrounding areas. They were supported by the Islamic Jihad of all Islamists in the Mideast. Later, by the leftists and Anti-Semites.

    You do not need to be a ‘Zionist’ to acknowledge those very facts.

    Anyone with a Twitter etc account should indeed spread the truth.
    Peace will only start when the truth is acknowledged.

  15. “Curiosity: How can someone be a so-called “Displaced Jordanian” if they and their family never lived in Jordan?”

    UJM, the more you comment – the more ignorance, do your own research, this has nothing to do with Zionism. Start with Balfour Transjordan

  16. “Gaon”: Verse yourself in halacha prior to attempting a conversation thereof. Of course it was occupied by the Ottomons then; and now it is occupied by the zionists.

    And Balfour gave the Arabs Transjordan, indeed. But Sarsour’s family lived on the same side of the Jordanian River as Tel Aviv is on.

  17. UJM,

    Hmm so Halachah dictates that “Palestine” a fake name and description is a nation and deserve a ___? Sarsour and family was welcome to stay as many Israeli Arabs did. FACT: The Islamists couldn’t handle the fact that Israel is not under “Islamic” control, so they advised them to “flee”, Hence a “refugee” situation was created.

    Bottom line: imbeciles like you are naïve enough to think that “Zionism” is the issue here.

    It is the very same Anti-Semitism that has been around for thousands of yrs that has given any legitimacy to that absurd claim, but fools like you and those Arabs from Monsey that are taking the bait. They mean nothing but the very existence of any Jews in EY! They do not differentiate b/w NK, Charediim, Mizrachim…

    Think about it : Sad that Jews like you and Wiess (of course in the name of ‘Kinaos’) are on the very side of blood thirsty murders…

  18. America is also a fake name, “Gaon”. Are you therefore not an American? I suggested earlier whether Yeger considers the Salfour family to be Israelis. Do you consider them to be Israeli-Americans?

  19. Who cares what the Sarsours will call themselves, as the answer is, the very same as they had called themselves for the past hundreds of years:


    Just because EY was named “Palestine” by the Romans and all of a sudden some Arabs/Muslims decided to name themselves “Palis” does not give them legitimacy of any nation. These Arab habitants never called themselves “Palestinians” up until Israel came into the picture.

    Arabs received Jordan. Jordan & Co waged a war against Israel and lost.. You gamble – you lose!

    “Kinayos” does not mean you have to be twisted…

    You don’t have to support” Zionism – but nor do you have to support bloodthirsty Islamists and Anti-Semites!
    אם אין דעת הבדלה מנין!

  20. Gaon, The Arabs on the other side of the Jordanian River are Jordanian nationals. What is the nationality, in the sense of the term that nationality is commonly used today, of the Arabs living (and lived for the past century) on the same side of the Jordanian River as Tel Aviv?

  21. The real palestinian people – are the jews. The word Jew is derived from the Hebrew word Yahud – the people from Yehuda ( When the Romans conquered Yehuda (the land of Israel) circa 70 of the common era – they renamed the land Palestine ( – to try and break the jewish connection. The non-jewish people living in Gaza, Judea and Samaria – are arabs; actually a mix from many arab lands – mainly Jordan, Egypt, Syria.

  22. vestin: Agreed. The Yidden in Eretz Yisroel were known as Palestinian Jews for hundreds of years until ’48. And the Arabs were known as Palestinian Arabs,

  23. Weiss,

    “What is the nationality, in the sense of the term that nationality is commonly used today, of the Arabs living (and lived for the past century) on the same side of the Jordanian River as Tel Aviv?’

    Being that never was there a nation, creed or race of “Palestine/Palis” (in whatever sense you define “nationality”) and it was controlled by the Ottoman Empire, hence they have a choice of calling themselves: ” Jordanian’s, Egyptians, Syrians, Ottomans,/ Turks, Bedouins or Israeli Arabs/ Bedouins/Gazans . Wherever they migrated from…

    What is so hard to understand? Why aren’t you attacking Jordan with the same questions?
    Ever heard the term:
    יש להקשות בדוחק

  24. Mr. “Gaon”: The only reason that the nomenclature or terminology is a big deal to you that it eats your kishkes out what they call themselves, is due to your zionism. Otherwise you wouldn’t care less if they call themselves Palestinians, Arabs, Boogeymen or Martians.

  25. Joseph,
    Based on what I’ve seen him post in the past , Gaon is not a Zionist. But he has a Yiddishe “kishke” which sadly you don’t. It’s pathetic how you’re breathlessly trying to minutiae her background instead of concentrating on the big issue here.
    Just so that you know, you fanatics have lost.. EY is growing by leaps and bounds BH, and it don’t matter a frog’s belch where she comes from, what your chazir kishke feels or what your twin bros in the Satmar, Netruna or Litvish erev rav camps babble ..
    Sarsour & co. will drop dead… Careful you jump away quick as the earth opens up and swallows the gang…. Oh, and make sure your family is safe ….Run…

  26. ….and folks- I very much know it’s hard to resist giving the historical events from Balfour on down to prove their false narrative…. I’m just as guilty sometimes. But the most decisive argument is that Hashem has given us this land, is returning us to it and is performing miracles which even believing Christians are acknowledging.
    The Spies among us , the kapos, the renegades, will never, ever succeed. Travails of Moshiach are here regardless, but we will BEH be victorious.

  27. UJM: “The only reason that the nomenclature or terminology is a big deal ‘

    I guess you really missed the boat, Weiss. “Terminology” ignorance is precisely what the very Palis and the left is using.

    Lets review it again –

    Arabs are claiming Nationality. Reason given: “The entire land is called “Palestine” and thus, WE Muslims are the nation of ‘Palestinians'” of that very land.

    History/Facts: Never was there such a nation of Palestine , never was there any such Gov, currency, culture, etc. You may claim property ownership to your own property, but NOT nationality. Jordan is your nation to claim.

    You do not have to be a Zionist to understand that Arabs have NO claim to the land.
    אם אין דעת הבדלה מנין!
    Perhaps, Kinois has really gotten to you…

  28. I’m truly shocked that “Gaon” and ZionistGate are conceding Jordan to the Arabs. Extremely shocked. Eiver HaYardon and Lebanon ARE OURS!!! The Torah gave the ENTIRE ERETZ YISROEL to US!! That INCLUDES JORDAN AND LEBANON!! You should be fighting just as hard for Jordan and Southern Lebanon as you are fighting to control Ramallah, Gaza, Tel Aviv and the rest of ERETZ YISROEL!!

    Like “Gaon” said, “the Arabs have NO claim to the land.” Not even to Ramallah, Jordan, Gaza or S. Lebanon.