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DRAMATIC FOOTAGE: Frum Man Helps Save Jumper on Verrazano Bridge

The attached footage is heart-stopping.

Tuli Abraham was driving on the Verrazano Bridge on Sunday afternoon, when he noticed a car in front of him suddenly stop. A man exited his vehicle, and walked to the ledge of the bridge. Not wasting a second, Tuli stopped his car and ran to the man, asking him what he was doing.

“I am going to jump”, the man replied, as he began climbing over the ledge.

Tuli grabbed him to prevent him from jumping. Around a minute later, he was joined by a NY State Trooper.

The NYPD eventually assisted them as well as other Good Samaritans.

The New York State Police identified its officer as Trooper Joshua Kaye, SP Staten Island.  He was taken to Staten Island University Hospital to be treated for pain in his ribs and back.  The unidentified jumper was taken to NYU-Langone Hospital in Brooklyn to be evaluated.

Tuli is the son of Williamsburg community activist Isaac Abraham, and is the owner of “Heavenly Events”.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. With all the assisted suicide and baby murder bills being passed around the country, it is still heartening to hear that besides the frum yid who rose the challenge, that the average goy on the street also still finds suicide repugnant.

  2. @WhiteCar…..Look up nudnik. I’d hazard the definition included “people who look for ways to pick apart an amazing, selfless story so they can show what a tzaddik they are to other people, by knowing esoteric (and largely forgotten) Christian origins of a (now) totally innocuous turn-of-phrase”.

  3. More on point, that video is crazy!!! It takes a lot of guts to hang off the bridge like that and grab on to someone who is trying to jump. A person could easily be pulled over with the jumper. Thank God everyone was safe!!

  4. The biggest credit should be given to the woman sitting in the car and recording the video while saying “oh my god” a bunch of times. She’s the true hero in this story!

  5. deblazzio- you mean the worst mayor and co-mayor ( don’t forget his eishes chayil is co-mayor) in our city’s history ?
    As for “average goy on the street” — the sophistication of that comment was too much to handle .
    There are “average goyim” ( not libs ) around the country and the world that do a lot more good than what you do from your pathetic couch – which is nothing but pontificate about goyim .
    Worry about your own and their behavior and I advise to concentrate on those efforts to mekadesh shem shamayim a bit better than we’ve done as a people so far .

  6. I’m also boggled by the frequent use here of the term “good Samaritan.”
    The so-called “Good Samaritan” is from a parable in the christian bible indicating that Jews were selfish, uncaring people who would let a person die, but the Samaritans, who were the Kusim (Samaritans = Shomronim), WERE supposedly nice.
    The Gemara says that the Shomronim were nasty people, and were shunned by everyone in society.
    So this term is an affront to Jews on several levels, and in any case is a term from the christian bible. Please, I mean no disrespect, but perhaps this term should not be used?

  7. Kol Hakavod to Tuli and everyone else who helped save this man’s life. I hope he takes it as a mark that life is worth living. They need to put the metal meshing on the VZ like they have on the GWB–not just the signs that say life is worth living. Yasher Koach, Tuli and all the rest of the folks who helped as well as the NYPD. They all deserve medals.

  8. Dkers1, great point. There should have been another police car sent to ticket and/or impound her car for “No Standing” zone.

  9. Most people (not only Jews) do not know the religious origins of the term ‘Good Samaritan.’

    Today it is used generically to describe a person who spontaneously volunteers to give of himself in an unexpected dire situation.

    ‘Nisht ek velt!’

  10. Still, I am not a Samaritan and don’t wish to be called so. I have been called that, and I objected every time.

  11. Dear Hymish, amu”sh,
    While we are all having so much post-Purim fun with the Samaritan word, how about “pontificate about goyim”. That is what the “pontif” actually does.

  12. What does De Blasio have to do with this? I am not a fan but the idea that he is the worst Mayor in the city’s history is ludicrious! Why do we have to politicize everything? Mr. Abraham is a hero and created a kiddush HaShem!

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