YESHIVA EDUCATION WINS! Court Strikes Down New NY State Yeshiva Guidelines!


As Klal Yisroel is making final preparations for Pesach, YWN is glad to share the breaking news that the State Supreme Court has struck down the State Education Department’s new guidelines and declared them null and void.

The Court rejected SED’s argument that the new guidelines “do not command, order, require or dictate” anything new, finding that “the new guidelines are rules that were not implemented in compliance with the State Administrative Procedures Act and are hereby nullified.”

A spokeswoman for the Education Department said it is reviewing the decision “and will determine the appropriate next steps.”

In a statement, Naftuli Moster, the individual who worked b’emisiras nefesh to destroy our Mosdos Hatorah, called Thursday’s ruling “a tragedy for all children.”

The following is a statement by PEARLS:

We join with the more than 1,000 private schools that challenged the new guidelines in applauding the State Supreme Court’s decision declaring the new State Education Department guidelines null and void.

This stops in its tracks SED’s effort to radically transform the relationship between the State and its private schools.

At the hearing before Justice Ryba, the State characterized private school students as “voiceless children who are conscripted by their parents.”  That fundamental misperception, that the State and not parents should set the educational and religious direction for children is what was at the core of the new guidelines.  They deserved to be struck down.

The tens of thousands of parents who choose to send their children to yeshivas are proud of the more than 100 years of quality education and countless successful graduates they have produced.  Our schools look forward to continuing that record of accomplishment.

YWN will bring you additional details later.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. דדא נצח
    Hashem will never abandon his children as long as we are דבוק to HIM through his תורה.
    Let us not gloat though.

  2. Celebrate yes, but watch out, bureaucrats are unrelenting and devious. They will never surrender their dogmatic insipid edicts.

    Suggest ALL Jews do More Talmud Torah (MTT), More Davenning (MD) and More Chesed (MC)—you’ll need it in fighting any form of government—i.e. local, STATE or Federal.

    A goy,
    Gerry Mullen
    Riverside, N.J.

  3. May all our enemies have such a downfall. But don’t get complacent: Firstly in the UK and other countries the struggle is still on and far from promising and 2nd you don’t know what next our enemies come up with – please continue to daven!
    Have them in mind at שפוך חמסך.

  4. To 1818,
    I find your comment humorous based on the fact that I have recently graduated from one one of these institutions with Advanced Regents Diploma With Honors.
    As did many others in my year.
    Additionally, I find it quite ironic that your post has no punctuation.

  5. The ruling is limited to a technical question about how the guidelines were adopted. This is not a substantive ruling. It only says that this should have been done by legislation or by the administrative rules procedures. These guidelines could come back if the proper procedures are used.

  6. @rationaldude, you know good and well he was referring to chasidush boys yeshivas where the average graduate can’t write above a second grade level. Please list the chasidush boys yeshivos that offer Regents diplomas (forget advanced ones.) This fight was fought by the litvish yeshivos (Chaim Berlin, Darchei, Torah Vodaas) who where never the intended targets of the DOE. All the people who state “I went to yeshiva and still became a professional” are deflecting from the fact that there is practically zero secular education going on in chasidush yeshivos. The few chassidim who actually went through the system and went on to pursue a higher secular education are very obviously the exception. If you want to argue that the state has no business telling people how to educate their kids, that’s a different argument, but don’t pretend that the chasidush secular education system is even mediocre.

  7. All the court said was that they did not follow the procedures for introducing new rules. Those procedures require nothing more than to publish the proposed rules in the state register and have a period for the public to comment on it before the rule takes effect. So there is no reason to believe the Department of Education won’t do that.

  8. Thanks to all the askanim and the legal team for protecting our rights
    You don’t mess around with the “tinokot shel bais rabbon “. That belongs to the RBS”O
    Continue to be mispallel for the Yidden in UK that are fighting a similar battle
    “Bchol dor v’dor omdim aleinu l’chalosenu v’HKB”H matzilainu “

  9. The New York Supreme Court is the trial court of general jurisdiction, there are two more levels of appeal under New York law, and then possible appeal if a federal constitutional issue is raised.

  10. Rational Dude
    April 18, 2019 11:59 am at 11:59 am

    To 1818,
    I find your comment humorous based on the fact that I have recently graduated from one one of these institutions with Advanced Regents Diploma With Honors.
    As did many others in my year.
    Additionally, I find it quite ironic that your post has no punctuation.
    Will take your word for what it’s worth.
    But at the end of the day, most level headed people know very well that your scenario is the EXCEPTION, not the rule.
    Take your head out of your kids sand box!

  11. 1818:
    boys do NOT need to know english my brothers manage all fine with using their limited english.
    for us it is a WIN!
    for you it is a LOSS!!!!!!!!

  12. bk613:
    sorry to say..
    but where does almost all our rebbes come from?
    from the chassideshe community!
    right i am telling you they do not know english as good as you!!
    but the TORAH they for sure know better then you!

  13. It’s clear that not every bit of education offered is important. Our learning surpasses all in terms of character improvement, analytic skills, and ambition to succeed. Also, morality, good citizenship and any other tool for parnassa.

  14. @prosatmer
    If every chasidush boy became a rebbe your point might be relevant. As I’m sure you know the vast majority don’t. In any event why does learning English in elementary and high school mean you can’t go into chinuch.

  15. Love how you all celebrate this as a “win” 😀

    Oh, great! another generation of uneducated adults shall emerge in 15 years, guaranteeing that the only job they can get is working in a grocery packing shelves for $8 an hour…. oh right, sorry! its $15/hr now… I take back everything I said, they will all be fine 🙂

  16. Did anyone read the court decision? SED was told to follow proper procedures. The court never found that the yeshiva education is sufficient. This is such a farce, as the crisis will resurface in a couple of months, when the regs will be drafted following the proper procedures.

  17. As we witnessed this very week, sometimes the punishment for attacking Talmudic studies can take 777 years to come, but no-one who tramples Talmudic studies is going to walk away scot free

  18. yeahsurewhatever,

    Your argument was already made by the Hellenists and the Romans thousands of years ago.

    We are here and they are nothing but a page in a history book.

  19. ברוך הטוב והמטיב
    חסדי ה’.
    ויומא דקא גרים יג ניסן יוצא דהילולא רבא דהאי עיר וקדיש משמי שמי נחית אדמו”ר בעל הצמח צדק זצוקללה”ה נבג”מ זי”ע (בתרכ”ו) שכידוע לחם במסירות נפש נגד תנועת. ההשכלה בשעתו ואיתו עימו הרה”ג ר’ יצחק מוואלאזין זצ”ל (עד כדי כך שהיה במעצר 22 פעמים על כביכול מרידה במלכות ועוד… א

  20. Baruch HaShem the children will not have to study heretical topics such as math and English language. The Torah was given to people who did not speak English so it is a useless subject. All of this education is only to make people go off the derech and Baruch HaShem these kids will remain uncorrupted by goyish books. We don’t need to know English or history or math. All we need is Torah.

  21. Just want to bring to the attention of the Bnei Torah Chevra Tehilm that the Moser (with the silent t) is not yet in Sloan K . You all must not stop and keep reciting twice daily Tehilim kapitel kif tes (109). Your Tehilim is sure to be heard and he will go precisely where he belongs. Yaasher kochacha.

  22. Yeahsurewhatever, what do you think most public school graduates can do or know? Even worse, they have absolutely no moral compass,along with no knowledge.Watch some of Mark Dice’s interviews on Youtube — some great examples of the total cluelessness and ignorance of public school graduates.

  23. 1818, what sometimes appears as a short term win can end up as a long term disaster. as the rabbis said, tofastah merubeh lo tofastah. we should pray that HKBH helps everyone come to their senses.