“THIS IS ABOUT SURVIVAL!” NYC Mayor DeBlasio Wants to Ban Glass Skyscrapers to Save The Planet: “WE HAVE 12 YEARS!”


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio plans to introduce a bill banning new construction of glass skyscrapers as part of his efforts to reduce citywide greenhouse emissions by 30%.

In announcing his Green New Deal on Monday, the democratic mayor said all-glass facade skyscrapers are “incredibly inefficient” because so much energy escapes through the glass. He said buildings are the No. 1 cause of greenhouse emissions in New York.

De Blasio says the bill would require existing glass buildings to be retrofitted to meet new stricter carbon-emissions guidelines.

“If a company wants to build a big skyscraper they can use a lot of glass if they do all the other things needed to reduce the emissions,” de Blasio said. “But putting up monuments to themselves that harmed our earth and threatened our future that will no longer be allowed in New York City.”

The mayor’s Green New Deal effort also includes plans to power all of the city’s operations with clean electricity sources like Canadian hydropower, mandatory organics recycling, congestion pricing, and the phasing-out of city purchases of single-use plastic food ware and processed meat.



  1. Only a טיפש like him could win an election in NYC.
    This is the same guy who told me many many years ago, when he first began his political career, that “there is nothing wrong with the NYC public school system, and therefore no need for vouchers”!!!

    I could not believe what I just witnessed, a human being is able to tell me with a straight face, “there is NOTHING WRONG with the NYC public school system???? Which planet is he from, I asked?
    Planet Meshuga!

  2. De blasio is trying to pander to the leftists in this city. I spoke to a contractor a few days ago the developers and builders in the city are very nervous about this. There are so many fees and regulations when trying to build or maintain any type of building. This new bill many in the building industry feel will cause them to stop building or maintaining existing properties.

  3. Lo flippin L. This is this moron’s way of trying to bump his popularity as a 2020 candidate, using the same failing strategy as the other wackos: out-left everyone and thou shalt win. Except they’re too flipping crazy not to see that the whole country thinks they’re flipping crazy.

  4. New York states tax revenue went down 3.7 billion dollars last year. With more kookie ideas like this he will force more businesses to leave in order to do business in a more friendly environment, NYC and NYS will both go bankrupt in relatively short order

  5. Seems like our dear beloved mayor has a lot of time on his hands to think… too much time… perhaps that run for President would help alleviate the boredom?

  6. The “12 years” became famous in 2018. He should keep up – in 2019 that becomes 11 years. But none of them actually believe this, so “12 years” has simply become a code phrase for “us” against “them” – which it stays “12 years” for untold number of years to come.

  7. This is a nice effort and all, but it’s too late. New York City will be underwater within the next 100 years, as will all coastal cities around the world.

    What we should be doing instead of fighting with skyscraper manufacturers and meat processing plants is figuring out ways to grow crops in desert climates, control overpopulation, and spread out our communities more evenly across the globe. Over 80% of the world’s population lives in tight, urban environments.

    Oh, and, we should be seriously looking into exoplanets that can sustain life, and figuring out ways to make interstellar travel a real possibility.

  8. I feel like the mayor would be a really good narrator for a horror movie or novel. When I hear him talk about these types of issues (or other “social justice” issues) he has a captivating vigor and poetic tone with his voice.

  9. Why is he a mayor of NYC, the capital of glass sky scrapers?
    Is he also thinking about leveling Manhattan and rebuilding it the “green” way???

  10. Improving building standards does make sense. But the plan exempts most buildings in the city! Another problematic aspect that is being ignored is that many old buildings still use dirty fuel oil for heating and the city is now opposing increased pipeline capacity that would allow the easy retrofit of those buildings to allow the much more cleaner gas heating.

    Canadian hydropower is itself very damaging to the environment. And it is too expensive to be used to heat buildings.

  11. If we only have 12 years, we better build up our military since it’s going to take a LOT to get the rest of the polluting world to stop killing us.

    I wonder why “12” though. Are there term limits for the mayor or something?

  12. Don’t let these Lefties Lie without responding:

    One city like NYC or even our country, Using less Glass on new Buildings HAS NO IMPACT while the Other Countries like China, India and Indonesia, Africa, SouthAmerica, Arabia, Russia, are not implementing same policies.

    Carbon is not a Pollutant, Carbon is the Building Block of LIFE. If you want to save Carbon, stop breathing. And stop Aborting Babies.

    Green Energy Policies are just a means for Rich Democrats in Private Jets and SUV’s to TAX YOU AND ME, while they use Tax Loopholes to evade taxes.

    Wake up and counter the lies.

  13. While I don’t have much confidence in the city council I would hope they strike this down as the looney idea that it is.
    By the way did he even cite one study that supports this claim? He just says it and that becomes gospel?