KOSHER EVENT BANNED! Satmar Rabbonim Forbid “Music & Torah” Event in Williamsburg


A seemingly Kosher event with music and Divrei Torah scheduled for Tuesday night in WIlliamsburg has been banned at the last minute.

The event was titled “Shirim, V’shiyurim”, and had a lineup of Chassidish singers, top of the line music, the Shira Chior, as well as Divrei Torah by the world renowned Chassidish speaker, HaRav Avrohom Mordechai Malach. The event was for men only, and was being held at the Imperial Hall.

On Tuesday afternoon, just hours before the event, a letter signed by three Rabbonim from the Satmar Williamsburg Kehilla, signed a letter forbidding anyone from going.

The event was scheduled for 7:15PM, and as of 7:00PM hundreds were purchasing the remaining tickets and the rehearsal had already finished. There were no plans to cave to the demands of the Rabbonim and cancel the event.

Many took to social media slamming those behind the ban, questioning their reasoning to allow a totally Kosher event to be stopped. Dozens of voice notes and angry messages flooded WhatsApp from Williamsburg residents who instead of going on a trip today had purchased tickets for their families to enjoy a night of Chol Hamoed.

One of the organizers told YWN “we are simply stunned how an event arranged by Chassidish people, with Chassidish singers, Chassidish speaker and Divrei Torah – only for men – would be banned, and why these Rabbonim decided to make their ban just hours before the event, despite the fact that this was advertised for week”.

YWN has also confirmed that not one of the three Rabbonim that signed this paper reached out to the organizer.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Banned? As of, ‘if you go you are banned, like in cherem’ or banned, as of ‘thou shalt not go for no reason other then that we decided it’s no good for no particular reason.’
    This banning situation is getting out of hand. I can understand rabbonim saying ‘you shouldn’t go for X reason’, but banning stuff is slightly overboard. Unless I’m understanding the word banned wrong.
    It sounds like ‘thou will burn if thou goes to this horrible thing.’

  2. When you wonder why so many in Williamsburg are OTD here’s your answer. These Rabbonim have no clue how to be Mechanech and are using they’re 1975 old school chassidish ban everything. If they have no real reasoning which seems like they don’t הם עתיד ליתן את הדין

  3. Out of context ywn has no idea how to read between the lines. Trying to make a big stink the event is rolling as we speak they didn’t contact because the purpose of a small sign is not to ban but make a point of we not happy that’s why it’s not his Achdus did stationary. You need to understand the leshonos in a cultural setting

  4. Totally Kosher?? Are you for real?
    See Shulachan Aruch Orach Chaim Chap. 560

    You may be able to come up with a heter, but “Totally Kosher”? No way !

  5. I have a feeling YWN is behind this ban to give them fodder for a slow news day. Dont forget, they have to show their advertisers all the clicks….

  6. Time to stop supporting the orgs behind this ban. Chutzpah gedola to wait till the 11th hour to cancel this!
    We all know why these kahnooim went to get it banned the last minute. Its time to hit these people where it will affect thier pockets just as well! Stop going to thier tishin , mikvas and fund raisers is a good start.

  7. How dare people question the Rabbanim. It’s das Torah. They had their reason for banning. Reasons the mere mortals will never understand. Just follow them, and freg nisht kain shailos.

  8. Who says the Rabbonim have to consult with the organisers before they make a decision to ban? Maybe the organisers should consult with Rabbonim in the first place to discuss what is or isn’t appropriate?!

  9. Sorry but those Rabunim are NOT real Satmar. Those are the same Rabunim who signed off on stealing Satmar Mosdos from Reb Aron of KJ
    They have NO jurisdiction on Williamsburg chasidim and NO one even bothers with their signatures.
    Just look back 2 weeks ago the major flop they had in Arthur Ash stadium called by those same signatures!!!!
    The days of Bull is over

  10. The reason it’s banned is beacuse it’s not a gathering together with pro Palestinians against Israel you see it’s ok to kiss the tucheses and stand as one with Jew haters and burn Israeli flags and make a chill Hashem in public , but it’s againts the Torah for them to be in achdus and be be simcha and to make a beautiful kiddish Hashem with simcha and music and ahavas Yisroel .

  11. If not for “wonderful” websites like YWN, we would not know about this. No one didn’t attend so it’s great that YWN can spread negative divisive news to segments of klal yisrael who do not know or care about this. Thank you for spreading machlokes. Thak you for giving platform for people tp bash rabanim, Thank for making sure we hear about every chilul hashem so that it can be spread further. Klal Yisrale needs. you


  12. Why must YWN get involved? Stay out of things that aren’t your business. It’s not necessary for the masses to know about every single event especially if it’s not nogayah the world at large! Why MUST you develop more Sina’a within Klaal Yisrael? Do you portend to bring Mashiach closer with this? Stop bringing more sina’as Yisroel. STOP!

  13. Moyshele
    April 24, 2019 5:33 am at 5:33 am

    Who says the Rabbonim have to consult with the organisers before they make a decision to ban? Maybe the organisers should consult with Rabbonim in the first place to discuss what is or isn’t appropriate?!
    Its a huge shyla of loosing lots of money. I dont believe that these holy rabbis told the asskoonim to wait till the last minute to cancel it.
    Also when it comes to losing money ,even a bais din must hear both sides of the case before rendering a psak.
    Waiting till the 11th hour is simply wrong and anti torah!

  14. we MUST follow daas torah without question, in Europe one would never even think of making a concert without asking before from daas torah. following daas torah never gets you in any trouble.

  15. YWN – why doyou keep on posting stories that lead yidden to leave comment that they will lose their chelek in olam habah??Please have Ruchmanus on your readers and keep on updating us with important news about Republicans and Democrats etc. if there’s a simcha or nebach a levaya please let us know… otherwise you are playing with fire and so are your bloggers! ה׳ ירחם!

  16. These mindless letters seeking to “assur” obviously appropriate events are themselves quite disturbing but even worse iare those that actually give such directives any credence. At some point we exercise our own judgement, both on the substance of these letters and the degree to which any future directives from these rabbonim should even be considered.

  17. Why are certain readers against YWN reporting these stories? Those of us who BH don’t live in the US are interested in what’s going with our fellow Yidden in NY, and how they are spending their Pesach. I would agree that some of the comments might be offensive to some readers, but they are the parties to be admonished, not YWN. Here in EY we sometimes wonder why Jews stay in America given the matsav there, and stories like this help us understand. Its soooo entertaining!

  18. Yiddish speaking customer to chef:
    …. Make me a little of everything… some of this, some of that….
    … Machmir dus inn machmir yentz..